MUST WATCH "SEC Now" tonight on SEC Network

They had the actor who plays Brandon Burlsworth in “Greater” on the show today. Turns out the kid is from Southern Louisiana and he and his family don’t have much. They lost everything in the flooding - so much so that when he showed up in Charlotte (where the SEC Network studios are) to do this visit to support the movie, a local clothing store donated clothes for him to wear on the air.

I was very positively impressed with the earnestness of the young man before he shared that. He said he never played football before filming the moving but really likes it now that he’s been through the training he got. Said he is now a big Arkansas fan even though he is from Louisiana.

This is a must watch for Arkansas fans - it’s on “SEC Now” (on the SEC Network) several times before midnight still.

I spoke to Chris tonight. Here is what he had to say: … rth-movie/