MUST shoot well on the road

We had tons of open looks, and bricked. Plain and simple.

Zero focus.

Lack of down low scoring allows them to guard our shooters better. That is why we struggle to score and shoot well. TAM had an inside-outside game, we didn’t.

If that’s the case then we had a heck of a inside game because we were wide open a ton.

The open shots were not many, but what was available, they missed. What Inside game?



Part of it tonight was pretty simple open shots passed up to run the shot clock down and then took contested shots or passing out of the lane to the baseline for a jumper by Trey. Or passing into the lane for Cook who bricked a shot below the free throw line. This is just a team that doesn’t play with purpose for 40 minutes period.
They don’t value the ball, a possession or a lead! When they do get on a run they seem to have players handle the ball that need to be on the