Must have been a heckuva game

I didn’t get to see it due to a church function. I am astounded by Jimmy Whitt’s performance. 15 rebounds? By a 6’3 Guard? Against that team? The team obviously made a huge adjustment from our previous game with the Bayou Bought Boys. And how bout Ethan Henderson? Do we now think he will be back next year?

The first half was almost magical.
It was kinda like that game against Missouri when they dedicated BWA. We looked absolutely unstoppable.

I do think Muss slowed the game a bit too early, but if we had hit free throws it would not have gotten so tight.

Muss isn’t going to run Ethan off, I think that’s clear. And EH should see a path to a lot of minutes in 2021, particularly if he can put on about 15 pounds of muscle. I see Vanover as more of a stretch 4 causing matchup nightmares. Bay Bay, i’m not sure. Then there’s Williams. And Cheney if he comes back (IMO he’s the most likely to leave, but what do I know?). Nice problem to have, with 20 fouls to give inside.

Right before he slowed it down we had a stretch where we missed a couple of layups and turned it over and looked a bit out of control. It’s possible that if he doesn’t slow it down there we’d have frittered the lead away even faster.

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That’s a valid point.

And as I said, make the free throws and it never gets close.

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I agree with you about both Ethan and Chaney. I also think Harris could leave. If everyone shows up that we believe will be here next year, I think those two would be the odd men out

Talked about the FT in another thread, what did we miss 8 or 9 in a row? Hit 75% of those it’s still a 19 point game.

I had to miss all but the last 4-6 minutes. Could only keep up by asking Siri the score every few minutes. Y’all can attribute the loss of the lead to poor FT’s and anything else, but I know if I’d not gotten back to watch the end, we’d have kept or even expanded our lead. Had LSU cut it to 4, I’d have turned off the TV just to preserve the win. I know when I’m bringing bad luck. Always willing to take one for the team.

I think Harris will still get minutes because Muss values turnover prevention and he takes care of the rock. Easily the best assist-turnover ratio on the team. He may be teaching KK and Devo how to value the orange.

I agree, swine! They were a little out of control. I think he made the right decision.

Muss thought so too. He mentioned that specifically in his postgame presser which I watched last night.

That may be true but he’s the last guy I want handling the ball at the end of the game when it matters.

At this point it’s clear that when it gets down to crunch time they let Mase go 1-on-1. If he’s back, that doesn’t change.

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