Must get better talent!

Watching the Miss. State Game, and our Defensives Woes continue. Sure, we can catch lightening in a bottle like last year, but if we are to not only get consistent, but to the next level in the Conference, we need Major Upgrades on the Defensive side of the ball. Yeah, a no brainer I know. But poor D-Line play, a Secondary that can’t cover, and poor tackling all around has been a constant for about a decade now. Nothing changes until these problems are addressed. How do we do it? Better Evaluations on the HS players is essential. No more risks, gambles, or projects. The players are out there. We need to find them and get them by any means necessary. Just like every other team in the Conference. We should also be hitting the portal hard. There will be plenty of players out there looking for greener pastures and more playing time. Try to get some of BAMA’s, or Georgia’s throw aways. They are probably better than most of our starters. Arkansas is a big time Athletic Program. It’s time we started acting like it. Especially in our football program. Stop worrying and hand wringing about the NCAA, or what pundits outside the State thinks. We need to do what we have to in order to compete with the elites in the Conference.

High school recruiting is hard. I think we are getting there.

Need to keep coach smith. Man has connections to Georgia recruiting and need to keep getting them.

My hope is Texas guys will continue to look at arkansas now that Texas a&m and Oklahoma will be in conference.

Also need to make sure we don’t lose good players like brooks to portal.

We are probably 5-1 if they are both on this team

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I agree. I think coaching from special teams to DC to OC to O line horrible today and enough to make one question whether our HC up to task of taking program to next level or not.

But we need clear infusion of talent everywhere on the field with exception of running back and field goal kicker.

For this kind of game coaching, these coaches better at least be proving themselves outstanding recruiters this season we can only hope.

The crootin is an on going process. Injuries derailed this season and there’s no quick fix.
Depth is part of crootin! It will get better shirt range we have some miserable moments to watch.

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We will never get the same talent level as an Alabama, Georgia, and probably Tenn or A&M.

Some point and time you have to ask if the coaches are utilizing the talent we have to the best of our talents ability.

Today, Mike Leach flat out coached us. We surprised him 3 years ago with the 3 man front. He was absolutely prepared for it today.

Haven’t seen practice but no way Fortin should have seen the field today. And if he has been getting more snaps than Hornsby in practice, shame on us.


With this assumption that we can never recruit with the Big Boys in the Conference, we are just a mediocre program that’s just in the Conference for a fat paycheck and to be the elites punching bag. Would you make these assumptions for the Baseball or Basketball Teams? If not, why not? Who are we to compete with Kentucky in Basketball, or LSU in Baseball? Not the same? BS. With this thinking, Clemson should never have jumped up to elite status. We have the resources to compete with the rest of the Conference. Do we have the steel to do what it takes to reach those hieghts? If not, we should just shut up about being an SEC cellar dweller in football.

I simply don’t agree with anyone that says Arkansas is harder to recruit to than the majority of our SEC competition. CDVH does it. CEM does it. Most of the other sports are having high levels of success. More woes me attitudes.


For the longest time most other schools didn’t spend on non revenue sports one reason we got better

For baseball they can offer partial scholarships so that helps.

Basketball you get the right player and it changes everything.

Football are full scholarships and while one player helps it doesn’t necessarily change complexion of one team.

The football coaches for multiple staffs complain about flights. Apparently xna doesn’t offer much in the way of flights to get kids there on a Saturday morning for a game.

Last thing is this, our state has a great homegrown grassroots feeder system for basketball baseball and softball. Many high school kids at baseball and softball from the state get recruited sec level etc.

Football we have not produced very many division one athletes. We just don’t produce many and that is a fact.

If winning with adequate talent is a virtue, we are national champs every year.

But somehow that is not the case and not even close.

Don’t start yelling for the head coach and coordinators to bd fired. That’s the worst thing that could happen. Pittman got ahead of schedule last year snd now some want to criticize him because we could not live up to some unrealistic expectations. We beat Texas AM and Texas last year which turned out not to be very good but those wins raised our expectations. Lack of depth is the problem. Win 6 or 7 this year and by then there should be enough depth to consistently win 8 or 9 consistently. Will that be good enough? With this schedule it will have to be.


Indeed. This is not a fire everybody post. CSP didn’t cause the problems we have with personnel or depth. He and his staff need more time to clean up the mess they inherited. Arkansas didn’t get into bad shape overnight, it won’t get into good shape overnight. I believe Sam and his staff can do it.


I sure like the way your thinking, to many are ready to shuck Pittman and crew before we give them time to prove themselves. WPS

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CSP - no. And Crew - maybe.

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I have no recall as to when the HI board started, but I was in these VERY conversations. I said WE were a top 10-15 program with Ronpad (??) and others. I was hit by all sides. I let it go.

Any of you left? And when did HI even start? I was here…

On the talent level goes with being in that top 15. So I say we can do it!! Why not us again & Again 25 years later

I was here. And allow me to remind everyone Pittman has been here what, a whopping 2.5 years now? High school recruiting is a process. Not an instant gratification exercise.


Then there’s this new fangled gagity thing called a “portal”. Word on the party line is that is speeds things along.

Posted this on another thread so it’s redundant, but worth repeating. The heavy hitters in this area need to step up to the NIL plate. It has potential to be the big equalizing factor in recruiting. There are headquarters of huge national and multinational companies in Arkansas and within a few minutes drive of the Fayettevile campus, some run by alumni and natives of the state. They could be an influence, legally I might add, in bringing top talent to the Razorback sports fields.


The portal is a money game now. Some of this portal guys as well as high schoolers want big money just to even look at you. A delicate balance for team chemistry.

Hard to blend and jell a team of mercenaries.

Gosh, I hope Muss doesn’t read this and get scared off.

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Easier the smaller number of players on a team.