Must be something in the water....

The ladies had a horrible shooting night too.

Hopefully both teams have gotten a bad game out of their system and will persevere the rest of the season.

Ladies missed wide open shots in first quarter. But their main problem is inside. They will struggle against any team that has 1 or 2 decent centers or forwards. They just can’t defend them. So far neighbors has not opted for the hard double down on defense. At times he does but it’s usually their big against our smaller big. Won’t be fixed until he has some size inside. Not sure what he has recruited inside for upcoming years.

I like their tempo, early shots. They do this without pressing. They spread the floor very well. More recruiting must be done but he seems to be doing well there. But you’re right, couldn’t put ball in hoop. Game was On the road, men didn’t have that excuse.

There is some size on the way. Destinee Oberg is a 6-3 forward who is signed in the senior class, and Destinee McGhee (6-2) is a big-time prospect from Alabama in the 2020 class. I suspect Arkansas might try to go to the junior colleges to try to find another player with some size and experience.

Good to hear. They need them.

If anyone knows what he needs to compete it’s Coach Neighbors. As Matt said he is on some good recruits with size.

Last night was just a bad shooting night for the lady’s in 1st half. That just couldn’t overcome that later.

Sounds like the Lady Backs (yes, SF . . . I KNOW they don’t call them that officially any more) will be a “team of Destinee” in a couple of years.

I watched the ladies at Missouri. The hogs shot poorly but just like in the men’s game the walk was not called in the post. Down low they let them by with shuffling their feet and taking 2 or more steps. They may have problems but that’s fact.
Give the ladies time and Coach Neighbors will have them humming.

This is a team that will struggle this year if they can’t put the ball in the hoop because they can’t make a living playing against other teams’ bigs on the inside. But Neighbors has help on the on the way.

Boy they are fun to watch. It would have made a big different if the kneeling would have stayed on the court. I’m just not sure how the locker room would have been.
Ive enjoyed watching the progress Coach Neighors has made. Also the recruiting is head over heels better.