Must be something about years that end in "7" in Hog Land . . .

Or is it, just about every 10 years?

Dec 1957 - Barnhill hires Frank Broyles as new Football Coach

Dec 1967 - Frank still there . . . no change.

Dec 1976 - Lou Holtz hired as new Football Coach (OK - so tthis one was one year off - although 1977 was Holtz’s first year on the sidelines)

Dec 1987 - Ken Hatfield still in the saddle, though ultimately fatal “wounds” had already been inflicted. Just didn’t happen for two more years.

Dec 1997 - … 47de7.html

Dec 2007 - … 00383.html

Now you did it, Wiz. Folks will start worrying about 2027. That was mean. :smiley:

I wonder what Lou got when he replaced Frank in 1977? IIRC, when Jackie Sherrill signed that “huge deal” with A&M (sound familiar?) that shook up all of College Football, it was only $200,000/year or so.

(Did some quick research: … -pact.html)

Notice he was also the AD

I remember reading the reprint of the SI article abut Arkansas being the “New Dynasty” back in 1965 or so. Writer was raving about JFB’s new $15,000/year contract.
Which is about what I made as an Intern in 1986. Went all the way up to 17K in the third year!