Must as well start a new rumor

I received a post from one of the sport news (should have kept which one it was, sorry). It It said an announcement was imminent as in after this weekend and was down to three people - Leach, Kiffen, and Campbell. It didn’t give a favorite. But, I would be fine with any of these choices


But Wally said all the fans would want Malzahn if he loses today and is let go by Auburn. :roll_eyes:

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Starting to see these same 3 names coming up.

I’m pretty confident all three of these can get us back a stable bowl-eligibility record at the very least.

_ally _all is so out of touch with reality. All the fans? Just bring up Gus on this board and see the division.

No Gus. Ever…

He may not win any public opinion polls, but he is the most/best qualified.

If Gus can win & make our football program successful again, would fans overlook their personal biases and accept Gus?

“Winning is like deodorant, it can cover up a whole lot of stink.”

I’d be fine with any of the three. I have my preferences, but they are all good coaches, and major upgrades.

I think there is zero chance of the Gus Bus ever parking in NWA but if he did come and win he’d be the greatest thing ever.

But that ain’t gonna happen IMO.

Because of $$$$$, or what?

My take:

  1. Played the PTB once too often
  2. Auburn will not fire him
  3. He’d be a very divisive hire - very

Agree the chances of Gus are minimal at best. Outside perception of Gus was that he was repeatedly not give a fair shake at AR and understandably chose to remain at Auburn. Was disappointed he chose Auburn over Arkansas since he has proven to be a winner plus his being an AR native. As many great coaches that Arkansas has produced, we seem to have missed out on great opportunities.

Well stated.

NO Gus!! Ever!!

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So glad we don’t have to listen to his self-aggrandizing drivel.

“Outside perception is he wasn’t given a fair shake at UA.”

Are you crazy?

If you look at the facts, was Gus treated fairly?

HDN dumped on Gus after Broyles forced HDN to hire him so Gus moved on to Tulsa.
Gus was not even interviewed for the UofA job while at AR St so he understandably moved on to Auburn.

Those were some crazy times. Makes today look sane.

I will pass on the Gus Buss

The three listed would probably be successful at Arkansas.
Leach would likely be quicker to seven wins, Campbell would
probably exceed Leach in three to five years. Kiffen is loaded
with possibilities, if he didn’t bolt for a more prominent program.
Any of these would be a shot in the arm. JMHO.