Musselman's Staff Hires?

Have we heard anything yet on who he is looking to hire or if he has hired anyone?

Anything at all?

I’ve said elsewhere that I believe Ruta will be the director of operations. Still think Scotty has a good chance of being retained.

On that Video that they released yesterday, I was glad to hear him say, “Run to Coach Thurman.” I didn’t recognize the other name he said… That doesn’t make it a definite, but I think it at least gives Scottie a shot.

I asked a team spokesperson yesterday about the video in which Musselman mentioned Thurman and Ruta by name, and he said he’d not heard anything in regards to anyone being hired or retained.

You got a link to the video?

If I’m not mistaken, the Anderson assistants are still under contract. Musselman needs help with workouts right now (he mentioned that earlier) so I wouldn’t read to much into Thurman being present. He may very well be added tho.

Yeah, I know that… but he didn’t Mention Coach Watkins or Zimmerman either… and they’re still on contract as well. And Ruta was Mentioned as well… and he came from Nevada with him… so I think you may be able to read a little into it.

Our recruiting under the prior staff was marginal and ultimately cost Anderson his job. What’s the obsession over a coach who was right in the middle of this? Playing great ball and making big shots is a totally different skillset than recruiting and coaching - people seem to confuse this. Sidney, Corliss, Joe Kleine, Scotty, Darrell Walker are great Razorbacks and great guys but I don’t see much correlation between running, jumping and shooting 20 years ago and coaching today. Let’s get past nostalgia-fest and give ourselves a chance to take recruiting (and on court results) up a notch.

Would like to see Musselman hire the absolute best recruiters/coaches he can get his hands on.

Dear God.

Don’t judge Scotty off of his short time here. If Muss hires him, it’ll be because he thinks he will be a great addition to the staff. You get past whatever you want, Scotty has more blood sweat and tears in this program than a simpleton fan.

Agree on getting the best recruiters he can, but that’s a given. However call it what you want “nostalgia-fest or whatever, but Scotty T is direct correlation with the Hogs & a NC. He is the man who made the shot to win it. I think his Razorback NC experience along with Muss’s connection to the NBA is perfect for recruiting.
Recruits attract to that stuff.

Dear Drunkenmiller.

Looks like the judgement of this “simpleton fan” was correct… or at least consistent with the guy making the decisions. Never saw the energy level or recruiting results to justify all the cheerleading (and name calling) from fellas like you.

Love Scotty and wish him nothing but the best but very happy to finally have a coach that isn’t going to take the easy way out and is making decisions that he thinks give us the best chance to win… despite the lobbying of a few emotional fans.


You’re original post was nothing but a snot nosed armchair qb rant. Sounds to me like Scotty turned down a job of some sort. Wish him nothing but the best.

You are 100% right. Recruiting is what has been identified as what cost Anderson his job. Scotty was his #1 recruiter. If Scotty is retained, it would be for sentimental and emotional reasons.

It will say a lot on how Mussleman handles this.