Musselman's open workouts not typical


I think he’s the best coach in America at getting teams prepared. Just have to be able to take what he’s teaching us and execute it on the court. This team has a lot of potential it’s a shame we’ve lost one great player and possibly even two but this team will be competitive throughout the rest of the year irregardless because of all the things Muss does to get us ready.

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I believe you meant to say “them” not “us”.

Us meaning our team. But I’m not into the being perfect with verbage. 99% of the time I’m voice texting LOL


I don’t think this means open workouts in the true sense where anyone can go and view. Sounds like you have to be invited. Do I have that right?

Not in the sense it’s open to everyone no.

Enjoyed your article, Richard … thanks!



Thanks. Good insight and quotes from the people in the column make it that way.


I can go to any practice I want to go to, PJ. Come down and I’ll take you with me.

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That is nice. I may have to take you up on that.

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Anytime, man.
Just give me some heads up.
I work 6 days a week, and I don’t get to Fayetteville as much as I would like these days.

Youdaman how in the world do you voice texting for this message board??

My tremors are so bad I can barely text anything and typing is killing me…

You should have a little microphone up in the right corner of your text keyboard that you can press down and it will record what you say. You have to be careful with it though because it will embarrass you sometimes with things it thinks you say LOL.

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