Musselman's mind on improvements after 6-0 start

“I wish we could practice right now, but we can’t,” Eric Musselman said.

After Arkansas moved to 6-0 on Sunday with a win over Penn, Musselman’s mind, above all else, was hyper-focused on where the Razorbacks need to be better. More:

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A win is a win but Muss isn’t happy with the Turnovers or poor shot selection on the 3 ball! If they could have closed the game out he could have played a few more players that need some PT!

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We are not shooting the ball well enough to do what we want to do, we will have to improve that by SEC time… I love how hard we play! But right now I’m wondering where the three-point shots are going to come from outside of Notae and Lykes and neither one of them are very streaky

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I was intrigued that he wanted to get a look at Jaxon Robinson. I would like to see that too. The kid has a pretty stroke.

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I’m pretty sure it’s about defense Jeremy as to why he doesn’t play much

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I’m sure you’re right, Billy, but Muss seemed to make a point of it in his presser that he wanted to give him a little run.

Yeah I think he was really upset we didn’t get a really big lead and get him in there… I think he has a very good stroke and could be a big help to us if he could start getting in there and drilling some threes

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I think Muss knows what he is doing…slow and steady improvement designed to peak at the season end. However, I am quite biased. :sunglasses:

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Can’t remember where I saw it, but Jaxson Robinson, up to yesterday’s game, had the lowest defensive rating on the team. Might have something to do with him not playing much.

The Hogs have a lot of areas that need improving. But they are undefeated, won two neutral court games against Big 12 opponents, and have been a very good rebounding team.

The team has not shot 3’s well and have had games where the opponents shot a high percentage on their 3’s. Sunday, we had twice as many turnovers as Muss expects against a team that didn’t pressure the ball. And our defense against their top scorer was not impressive.

The potential for this team is great. Toney, Likes and Umude have shown that they can and will play at a high level. The other new players can be an asset. The returning players should continue to improve. I think that this team will be good enough to make another deep run in March if they respond to Muss’ coaching.

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I don’t know that he has logged enough game minutes to know whether or not he is a defensive liability, but he must be doing something right in practice. Otherwise, why would Muss have specifically been pissed that he couldn’t get him into the last game?

They’ve got four weeks to figure out what can be done and who can do it. There will be some opportunities during that time to experiment with different lineups.

K State is our lone win over a big 12 team

Cincy is aac

Still got OU and W Virginia to come

Yeah hard to say what he brings to the table. He’s a tall wing w/ a reputation coming in as a shooter. Someone on another Hog board posted that J Robinson had the lowest defensive rating of all the players. I honestly don’t what that means but this coaching staff is really into analytics so that might have something to do w/his lack of on-court minutes to this point.

Robinson needs to earn the PT. It took Notae some time last season to buy in and play defense it may be the same problem now for Robinson. He does have a pretty stroke from 3.
The shot selection at times is suspect and Muss mentioned that in his press conference. The turnovers were careless in the game against Penn and that could cause a few splinters for a few players too! The hero pass isn’t always there but they continue to try to force the rock.
The free throw shooting sure wasn’t good against Penn either. I thought our hogs would be able to knock shoot beyond the arc down with the current roster but that hasn’t been the case.

Having the lowest defensive rating on the team wouldn’t be an issue. That is a good thing. According to Sports Reference, it’s fourth highest, but he’s only played 11 minutes. That is far too small of a sample size to judge who he is defensively.

Kamani Johnson has the lowest defensive rating, according to SR, at 87.7.

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That was a very sloppy win over Quacker Oats. A lot of rushed passes trying to start a break and a lot of forced passes into traffic. Still if not for Toney’s early exit. I think we may have opened up a bigger lead. AT is starting to look like our best player. And there is no way we should ever let a slackjack go for 25.

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