Musselman's focus on Hogs entering final exhibition

“This has probably been the least we’ve ever prepped for a particular team because I think it’s important to continue to work on who we are and try to get ready for these nonconference games,” Eric Musselman said today:

I don’t think we will get beaten this season by this Coach being out coached in the X’s and O’s department.
I believe he will have his team focused on playing his style and when we do lose games it will probably come down to the lack of size during games that the 3 ball is not going through the net consistently.

Go Hogs!

I wholeheartedly agree. Coach Muss so far seems to incorporate the detail and discipline that Sutton preached with the fast pace and the ability to make quick runs of Richardson’s teams. This should be a deadly recipe for winning exciting basketball for years to come. I am delighted that basketball can be an exciting and unifying sport for the Razorbacks. The fan base needs a fun winner to replace some of the dismal time of football.

If this happens (please), hopefully our AD, Board, and PTB will have the forsight to make certain that no school steals CEM for just $$$. If the Hogs return to a National power, you know the “big boys” will be coming after our coach.

Surely, after the last 20 years, we know that just any coach cannot come in and sustain winning big on the National stage.

I certainly believe that everyone can see that if you have a great coach you need to make sure that he is happy, very well compensated and absolutely secure. I truly believe that Arkansas can.compete on the highest level with the right coach in both football and basketball. I also believe that we have seen how difficult it is to get a coach that can compete on the highest level.

Since Nolan was fired, we have had a series of up and coming young coaches that were overwhelmed by the job. Even Mike Anderson, who had been Nolan’s right hand, could not get the job done. If Musselman lives up to expectations as I expect that he will, obviously the Foundation and the A.D. should do whatever is necessary to keep him Fayetteville.

There is a truth that you cannot pay a good man too much or pay a bad man too little. The powers that be surely know this and will treat Coach Muss appropriately.