I hope so. He’s my choice.


I know you’re joking here, but technically Watkins was the lead recruiter. So, people blame CMA and Watkins and TJ because he’s Mike’s nephew :slight_smile:

I think whoever the new coach is needs to keep Scotty as an assistant to just bridge the gap and keep someone that knows Arkansas. Scotty has been around for 2 different staffs now, I remember CMA said when he first got the job Scotty was the first person that came with him recruiting. I also think keeping Scotty around minimizes the transfers.

And speaking of the coaching search… The Hogville/Twitter verse is back at it again. They think Greg Marshall, but that’s unrealistic at best, IMO. Some people are still saying Musselman, I think at this point he’s our best option. Him, with Scotty on staff and I’m all on board.

Is there a chance Anderson lands somewhere next season?

Does most of the staff go with him when he does?

Would Scotty be someone Mike would take?

I agree.

I believe Beard is a pipedream and Musselman is the best candidate.

Scotty is tied to Arkansas more than he’s tied to Mike Anderson. Scotty also isn’t the breadwinner in his house, so he’s not automatically up and moving if Mike gets another job.

Scotty was here working with the team (forgot his position title) before CMA got here. I think Scotty is all Arkansas unless the other staff doesn’t have a spot for him. CMA will take TJ, Watkins, and probably Zimmerman to his next job.

I think it will be Musselman.

I hope it will be Musselman.

And soon.

I like him. I hope we can get him.

I think he will take a year off and then get back in.

By then, Scotty is likely to be coaching here or somewhere else.

My $0.02 is that they are going to make Chris Beard tell them no, which could be as soon as Saturday night. Then they’ll probably hire Muss.

I suppose UCLA wants a higher profile coach and will not go after Mussleman. So we are safe in assuming he will be available whenever Beard tells us “no”.

I think so.

I believe that Beard is the best basketball tactician on the list. What he has accomplished is remarkable but his style of play is similar to some of the old school basketball from the past with a suffocating defense and a slower control type offense. What he does is very effective and criticizing a system that has produced beyond all expectations is probably not the smartest thing to do, but I do wonder if he will be able to recruit the elite type talent. Everyone loves a winner so maybe I am over thinking this, but the schools getting the elite recruits seem to be the schools that run an NBA type offense. Every elite recruit wants to play professionally and going to a school that prepares them the best for that opportunity would seem to have a recruiting edge.

Musselman seems to be a sound basketball tactician and his game is more in line with the NBA game and in my opinion he has the type of personality that should translate to being a good recruiter. He also seems to effectively utilize social media similar to how Morris has utilized it and he comes across as someone who would be demanding but fun to play for.

Bottom line is that you take Beard if you can get him but Mussleman looks like a very good fit.

UCLA isn’t interested in Beard?

Interested in Bennett.

Concerning Scotty… prior to CMA firing the rumors were he need to get some new assistants to keep his job, However Scotty would be allowed to stay. I would not tell anyone considering us that Scotty needs to be apart of his staff. That’s the samething that Sampson did by saying his son had to get his job he retired. If the coach wants Scotty … great but he should not be part of the conversation… Scotty needs to make his own way. We don’ need to pressure anybody to take him. He shouldn’t be part of the deal