Is Musselman no longer under consideration?

From my understanding, he’s still in the mix, but might not be as enthused as before. Lots or ways to raise that enthusiasm though.

As RazorAg has said here, I try to look past the resume to find indications about a coaches’ intangibles such as personality, marketing, etc. When I do that, Musselman keeps coming back to the top of the list of realistic candidates. He really seems to have the traits that give him a very high ceiling here and the best chance to really elevate the program. I hope that he will still be willing to come here once we are done getting turned down by Beard.

I made the statement on here the other day that the issue with Musselman seemed to be we indicated to him, he WAS Plan B. It dug at him a little bit. Apparently, my thoughts were on the money and that’s what did indeed occur. However, AR has enough $$$$$ That he may still come here. $$$$$ makes some people get over hurt feelings.

Per the Internet rumor mill, EM has some skeletons in his closet that caused the UA to take a step back.

Take that for what it’s worth…

I think it was Trey Biddy who indicated that Musselman’s wife wasn’t thrilled about the idea of leaving the west to come to Arkansas.

Dudley’s statement on that was something like, he’d assume we would have checked before speaking to him.

Yeah, but there is more to that rumor, she would want $3 million per year to move. Apparently, that’s on the cheap side of what we are offering

money-gurbbing little cuss cuss cuss…lol

Just file it under “Happy wife, happy life” I guess.

It’s a rumor, no one knows if it’s true. There was just more to the rumor than originally stated.

As for your statement, yes, Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Musselman is at the top of my realistic list rn.

Bring him in, make Scotty Associate Head Coach to help with Arkansas recruiting, and let’s see what happens.

Also, I don’t know if we’re considering him… but I don’t think Dawkins at UCF wouldn’t be a bad choice. I’d take him over Alford, Jans, and Pitino. He’s probably #2 on my list right now.

And I stand by that.

I would think that would be doable and what he should want.

Why Scotty? He was our lead recruiter and everyone said Mike’s recruiting was crap. :smiley:

She did exactly what a saavy media person would do - take the pressure off her husband and assure the fans they want to be in Nevada.

I thought it was a pro move - and did it via text.

So do you know if Musselman is still interested?

From talking to people, I believe he still is.

That’s what I heard as well.

It’s crazy I know all the speculation, but I truly do wonder where some people get their insights from.

Hogville :wink: