If we are not successful w the Beard/Sampson/Buzz candidates (I still would but my $ on it being Sampson but who knows), Musselman would be a pretty interesting candidate. Was a very young NBA head coach for bad teams (Golden State and Sacremento) 10-12 years ago, then went back to the D league and the college ranks and paid his dues as an college assistant, now 4 years as a college head coach at Nevada with 24, 28, 29, and 29 wins). Don’t know about recruiting connections in the region from a tactical standpoint, Jeff Van Gundy said he had one of the most brilliant basketball minds in the NBA.

He’s interested and they know.

I would be ok with this.

Only big downside I can see is I suspect his name would come up for a lot of NBA jobs if he is successful.

He’s also just about the perfect age (54)–good deal of experience but lot of career still ahead of him

Interesting candidate … -musselman … ll-capital

I hope not. Just see nothing there.

Musselman is the coach I personally would like. We need something different that other schools can’t get just with money. He’s proven to take teams in all leagues and improve them. He does have small SEC ties as well.

Again, I hope this is who we get personally. I’ve very impressed and I mean more than Mike Anderson impressed with him.

I wouldn’t mind a Musselman hire. At all.

Just for clarification. Do any of your sources say he reached out to them and maybe they’ve had a conversation about the possibility, did he just put his name in the hat with Yurachek, or did they ask him and he said yes?

It’s Musselman next.

What’s not to like?

I don’t have any specific insight as to his interest or the UA’s interest but his salary is 1million per year and that alone makes me believe he goes somewhere.

He has experience at all levels as a player and as a coach but I think his greatest strength might be his recruiting. The one thing that all elite recruits want is to get to the NBA and this guy should have an advantage because of his NBA experiences. There are very few college coaches who can say I have played and coached at that level and I therefore know exactly what you need to do to get there.

Get a plane ticket and sign him up it’s time to move forward, a bird in the hand is worth two on the fence ! WPS

You could get Musselman for 2 mil/yr probably. Plus his NBA ties and his success at Nevada. On paper looks like a solid hire to me.