Anybody know much about Musselman, uptempo or Stan H. Style?

According to Pomeroy, their tempo was 90th fastest in the country, not as fast as ours but not Big Ten slow either. They averaged 80 ppg this year. Pretty efficient on both offense and defense (top 35 in both per Pomeroy) and outrebounded opponents by about 2 per game.

Very sound coach who has produced almost everywhere he’s been. He’s been in the SEC before and can recruit. I’m personally pulling for him.

Not for me

I’m trying to find DPG numbers, Gas.

Likely headed to LSU after they fire Wade

Boy I hope not

Agree. I like him very much. I would take him over Sampson in a heartbeat.

As a young coach, was in over his head in the NBA, but he got that experience. His Dad coached in the NBA,
his teams play w intensity and play defense. Does have SEC experience at LSU. I’m guessing he would jump at the offer unless
he is already in contact w LSU.

The big concern for me is that at Nevada he has played a very short rotation. I don’t know if it was by necessity or preference, but in big games he typically only plays one or two guys off the bench unless one of his starters gets in foul trouble. Against Florida, the five starters all played at least 31 minutes, two played 38 and one played 40 (Florida did about the same thing, by the way). His starters played similar minutes against every good team they played all year. The guy with the sixth most minutes all year only averaged 17 minutes a game, the next two only got 12 and 10, and did not play in every game. And Nevada won 29 games, by an average of 13 points.

So when things are going good, he plays seven guys or maybe eight in a blow out. If he is in a tight game he plays his starters pretty much the whole game, with only spot rest. They got away with it last year in the tournament for a deep run, but the way the game is played today I am not sure that is sustainable in a tough conference followed by post-season play.

Man I hope if we can we get him before LSU. LSU already has talented players, bought or not, but he’ll be a killer if he goes to LSU.

Unless the BOT are negotiating/setting up his salary. It’s probably not Musselman because you would think we’d know by now.

I don’t think LSU is going to fire Will Wade at least until he testifies in federal court in late April. He’s got himself in a pickle. Either he tells the truth about those wiretapped calls and gets fired, or he lies and goes to jail for perjury. And he can’t expect a pardon for that perjury sentence. He’s refused to talk to his boss because when he does he’ll be cleaning out his desk that afternoon, and he knows it. He’s stalling hoping that his attorney can find something to save his neck.

I’m sure if it is Musselman, or someone else who isn’t in the Sweet 16, they’re negotiating salary, buyout, etc. Buyout is $1 million according to a story in the Reno paper after he signed his extension in May 2017. Base salary is a million plus a lot of incentives and bonuses.

Good point

He likes to take his shirt off…

Musselman knows basketball, was raised “basketball”. He knows he didn’t have depth at Reno. Amazing he even won that many games there.

Don’t get me wrong…I would prefer Coach K or Beard or several others who we don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to get :sunglasses:

I thought Sampson’s age was a concern. I can’t see Coach K doing this for another five years

Let me say, I agree not a snowballs chance

Ha…Sampson is a spring chicken compared to Coach K. No, he ain’t coaching 5 more.

I like him a lot. Has shown he knows how to build a roster through standard recruiting and the transfer process. His record at Nevada is impressive.