Musselman working to increase rate of team's growth

“We’re not moving ahead maybe at the rate that I want to because of having to repeat things. We’ve got to move the chains every week a little bit further," Eric Musselman said.

An update on Arkansas basketball, which officially began practice for the 2022-23 season on Monday:

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The 22-23 version of basketball Hogs resembles the 20-21 squad in some ways:

  • Only 1 rotation player returning (20-21: Desi), (22-23: Devo)
  • Elite freshman class (20-21: Devo, JWill, Moses), (22-23: NSJ, AB, JWalsh)
  • Impact transfers (20-21: JSmith, JTate), (22-23: TBrazile, RC4)

20-21 also had a dynamic redshirt (JD Notae) off the bench while the 22-23 team appears, on paper, to be a little deeper overall

20-21: Elite 8
22-23: ???


22-23 team has much better front court talent than 20-21 team, even w/o JWill

more depth, size and scoring ability

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Agree … it will be interesting to see if this year’s team can accomplish what the 20-21 group did with, arguably, more talent throughout the roster


Not to mention ‘22-‘23 — 3 more freshman “4 stars” and 3 x 6’9” + experienced transfers.

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