Musselman to host pair of graduate transfers … uate-tran/

Do you think we can land both?

IMO Grayer sounds like a done deal and I think we have an excellent opportunity with Cylla. None of the Forwards coming back have his skill set.

I agree

Any info and stats on these players?

After talking to Grayer, I get the feeling he’s coming if the visit goes well.

Cheatham has confirmed May 3-5 as his OV date.

What about Kerry Blackshear from Virg. Tech? He could really give us a presence in the middle and he’s a great passing big man!

They know about him. I’m sure he’s going to have his share of interest.

Blackshear is probably going to be the most highly sought after transfer out there

Son of my buddy that travels to games at BWA with me was an assistant coach to head coach Michael Curry at Florida Atlantic when Cylla played there. He and my son played AAU ball together. So, we are pretty close and I trust what they tell me.

I talked to both my buddy and his son this evening about Cylla. They both like him very much. His son, the assistant coach, said Cylla played mostly on the perimeter for them and was an effective three point shooter. They lost him to UNC Wilmington because Cylla thought it was an upgrade. He says from what he remembers Cylla played mostly 4 and 5 for UNC-Wilmington. They say he is a very nice kid.

When he was at Florida Atlantic, Cylla used to call my buddy Pops. So Pops is very happy at the prospect of seeing him play again. His son tells me that Florida Atlantic beat Nevada and Muss to sign him. That was Muss’s first year at Nevada and that may have something to do with Atlantic signing him. But that means there is a prior relationship between Cylla and Muss.

I say we have a great chance of getting Cylla.

If I’m reading article correctly, Grayer can’t play unless he’s granted a medical redshirt waiver?

So I wonder what that status might be.

And then, is the foot healed?