Musselman to attend Sidney's induction

Richard, also, it will be televised on the NBA channel this evening. Red Carpet at 5:30 and induction begins at 6:30 CT. Do you know who’s introducing Sid?

Not sure. Maybe Nellie?

Super Sid gave a super speech! It was one of the best Hall of Fame speeches ever! Oh, and BTW, he wore Razorback lapel pin. :boar::heart:

Yes, he did. So deserving! Should have happened 20 years ago, but still great he finally got in.

Seemed a little strange to me that an NFL player was chosen to moderate. Rashad wasn’t exactly great at it either.

I believe Rashad has done it before a few times.

It was great to see Sid get that honor. I teared up listening to him talk about his teammates and Coach Sutton. I get chilled when they say “Razorbacks” on national broadcasts that are not specifically covering a Razorback game, What an evening for Razorback basketball royalty and the Razorback nation.

Here is the link to Sid’s speech at the ceremony. A good one!

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