Musselman searching for answers behind Bailey

Eric Musselman is searching for a player on his roster who can spell Adrio Bailey at the 5.

"Who that player is, I can’t tell you right now, because I don’t know,” he said Thursday:

You could tell Muss is still seething about last night, at Cheney in particular

As much as most on this board gave much deserved criticism of Gabe O last season including myself it would sure be nice to have him on this team this season.
We would be getting many minutes per game from him instead of what appears to be closer to zero minutes from Cylla.
So, unless CEM can somehow turn a switch on for Cheney he can look down the bench most nights for a player 6’8” or taller that can make a difference and he won’t find one.
Hopefully, this won’t be the case once we get past this season ever again.

Go Hogs!

It is going to have to be RC. Dude just needs to be singularly focused on being a board beast and not do stupid things. Help is on the way, but opportunity is here now. If we can rebound just a little better, we can dance this year.

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