Musselman says NSJ's knee is good to go

From Bob, now on the front page:


Fantastic news!




Love that news. The way we usually play in NLR, we need someone on the team who is used to playing great in that city!


Great news for now. Want to see him thru two weeks of SEC play before I quit worrying about it,

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just two weeks. That’s the test? I doubt anyone quits worrying about it except NSJ.

I haven’t yet seen the spring in his step I was hoping to see. I’m assuming the knee is quite sore.

True, but I have to sleep all night sometime. So, that is my limit. :grinning:

Right. Not as fluid as I have seen him before. Looking from a distance, seeing such cases of knee soreness, worry is about a cartilage issue. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope.

Great to hear! He scares me the way he takes that ball to the rack and gets knocked on the ground a lot. Just hope he can make it through the season without getting it hurt again

Here is a question?

Is Nick hurting his stock by not playing? Let’s say the handlers hold Nick out and starts missing more games or all of them? Maybe play and boom another issue pops up?

What say you? Anybody

I don’t mind answering this question. I wouldn’t think Nick (or his handlers) would want the NBA to think he is injury-prone. It will cost him a ton of money.

AB has come up limping a bunch of times this season, but he always goes right back in. AB is also a lottery pick.

So, I guess I do mind answering this question…

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IMO I think Nick needs to play and produce. Now if the kid is hurt then by all means hold him out. High school is one thing but college is a step up. And then the pros are another huge step up. The pressure has got to be huge. A boat load of money is on the line and as for me I (at this point) don’t see the investment, sorry…

So every game missed (IMO) is money out the window.

I don’t think it will hurt his stock if he sits out several games and comes back. That is what he did at the start of the season. But if he is in and out of the lineup, that would suggest a chronic issue and that will hurt his stock.


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