Musselman provided the latest on KK Robinson's injured foot

This might explain what seemed to be a lack of some quickness that he displayed in the Oak Hill clips. It would be especially noticeable on the defensive end.

I’m not doubting this report but there have been rumors going around that the kid and his family are very unhappy with his lack of minutes.
This injury is curious timing.

Scottie, are there more injuries than Smith and KK?

Not that I’m aware of.

Covid? Please say no.

I think we should be okay with that. Clay has mentioned that the entire team has already had COVID.

Yea the best way to get more minutes would be to fake an injury.

There are people who catch Covid more than once!

Some Twitter posts say that KK will have a foot surgery and miss remainder of the season.

We should win this game. But why mention the next two games. It infers that we must win this game because we are likely to lose the next two. Am I the only one that views it this way? One game at a time approach is the best way. Stop looking down the road. It makes it even worse when you lose one of those games that you felt was a must win. We are seeing teams all the time losing games they should win and winning games they were supposed to lose.
I think this explains his somewhat defeatist behavior after some losses. After watching Tennessee man handle Missouri, I think he subconsciously or consciously was counting Mizzou as a win. When we lost, now he then saw Tennessee as a loss and maybe a blow out loss. It causes over reactions. I think he was relieved to have played the Vols close. Just my thoughts

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a defeatist attitude and thinking his team will lose any game by blowout or otherwise. He just wants the team to play up to their potential and knows they can beat anybody if they do including Tenn.

Muss has scouted Georgia and has a detailed plan to beat the Dogs. I am sure that he found some things that the the Hogs can do and he has a list of things we don’t do well. We will be prepared and play well today. I expect a double digit win.

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