Musselman out?

Some guy named Grant Hall says an issue from Musselman’s past has scared Arkansas away and Arkansas is no longer actively pursuing him.

What skeleton could possibly be in Musselman’s closet?

He was arrested on a DUI charge back when he was coaching the Sacramento Kings around 2006 I think.

Could that be the issue?

Ah OK, this Grant Hall dude is an Arkansas sports writer. So, we can safely assume he knows absolutely nothing, like all the rest of the Arkansas media.

Knowing this state, they probably found out his wife was…


The way he said it was basically that Yurachek was ready to hire him and some ‘powers’ intervened to stop him.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Yeah, I think the 10% group people always talk about will be anti-Mussleman from the day he is hired.

I think the time for grovelling and begging Mike to come back may soon be approaching. :wink:

IMO, Musselman would be the best “Option C” hire Arkansas could make.

Steve Alford, I wonder why Arkansas would be interested in him considering he recently got fired at UCLA?

Made 3 Sweet 16s though.

Nah, not yet. Gotta let this play out thru Final 4 this weekend.

Every single one of the teams UCLA lost to before Alford lost to made the NCAAT, and most advanced beyond the first round.

UCLA has the most dysfuntional, delusional fan base in the country. They’re liiving 45+ years in their past.

They won their last NC in 1995, 52 weeks after our last/only title. They ain’t the only ones who are delusional. And seriously, with the amount of talent in SoCal they should never be mediocre, much less bad.

The reality is that no coach since John Wooden out there has had an overall losing record during their stays in Westwood, and the average tenure currently sits at 4 years. Yes, they sit in one of the hottest talent beds in the country, but their fans expect to win national championships every year, which is unrealistic no matter how you look at it.