Musselman on status of Joe, Jones

There is still discussion out there about whether Ethan or Reggie will be back or maybe transfer.

But is there still discussion within the team, players, and coaches. Do the coaches knows for sure they will be back or not? Is there still uncertainty?

Or has it all been settled between them and they know who will be back for sure?

I’m hoping Joe comes back and plays next year for the hogs! He has entered his name in the draft so that’s a good sign. Another year of college could really help him develop!
There’s still a chance Mason Jones returns too but it’s a real small chance.

Mason is gone, Army. I listened to all 45 minutes of Muss’s teleconference today, and it didn’t take much reading between the lines to tell that Mason is not listening to the draft info Muss has provided him. Again, I wish Mason well, but he probably should start learning a foreign language. I do get the feeling that Isaiah and his family are listening to Muss. Isaiah didn’t hastily declare during a worldwide pandemic, and you would have to think that he’s chomping at the bit to fill Mason’s role next year on a national contender. At least that’s what I (and all of you) hope he’s thinking.

Matt, you state that Muss said Isaiah hasn’t decided whether he is coming back or not.

I take that to mean Isaiah is going to declare for NBA, but hasn’t decided whether to stay in the draft or not.

I’m not sure PJ. I thought when they said underclassmen could submit their names for the draft and then withdraw they could only do it once (I may have dreamed that), but Joe did it last year. If I am remembering correctly, if he does it this year he can’t come back. So, maybe he’s trying to decide if he should stay or go.

Maybe Swine or one of the insiders can find out if what I’m remembering is correct or not. I looked it up but can’t find anything saying once or more than once

Edit: Found it, at one time it was twice. You could declare get feedback and return to college. Then the second time you declared you lost eligibility. They changed it last year. You can now declare every year (and hire agents). Maybe they’re looking at agents?

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