Musselman on current roster, future scheduling … cheduling/

Is the Indiana game on? I thought it was agreed that the NIT game would fulfill the contract.

The Indiana game is on. Mike Anderson joked that he hoped the NIT game would serve as the return game, but Arkansas will go to Bloomington again.

Found it interesting he was pretty blunt in saying “we have no big man”. Also didnt Mention Ali, Henderson or Hill. Pretty sure writing is on the wall for one of those guys.

By reading the story, I couldn’t tell if Muss mentioned Bailey, Gabe and Chaney or Scottie is the one that inserted their names into the story.

Musselman mentioned those 3 guys by name. Full quote:

Was talking about the guards … “Then we have a group of guys who are similar to our Nevada guys - guys who can play multiple positions. Adrio Bailey is going into his senior year, and Reggie Chaney is a sophomore and Gabe (Osabuohien) is a junior, so we have these guys that are kind of going to have to play the 3, the 4 and, when we go small, the 5.”

Have a listen here: … tz-1942417

Muss interview is around the 17 minute mark. I wouldn’t read into what players he did or didn’t mention, but the fact he said “we don’t have a 5” IS significant. He also said “we won’t sign one just to fill out numbers, we have to make all of them count” or something to that effect. The way interpret that is if we don’t sign Sy then we are probably out of the market for one, and Ali is going to be little help.

Well, if no big man is signed, what does he have to lose by keeping Ali around for one more season?

Not sure that’s a surprise. Ali was a project all along. Chaney is more of a power forward that can fill in at the five.

He has basically told me he is looking to have the best 13 around he came next season in a way that will also allow him flexibility for 2020’s recruiting class.

I understand he wants to get his own recruits in there, and if Ibby isn’t going to contribute, cut ties and get someone who can contribute.

Oh, I agree. But, if he doesn’t fill the open slots, why not keep Ibby around for another year?

So Dudley, in your expert opinion what does that mean?