Musselman offers 2021 guard

This kid is legit. I was very impressed with him at The Warmup.


Funky form on the outside shot but it goes in. Looks like he can create his own shot too.

Yes, he was very good on Friday night.

I realize he’s only 15 yrs old in that video, but yes, he’d never get that 3 point shot off playing college ball. He’s starting that shot from his chin. Other than the starting point, it is a smooth stroke though. I’m sure, if he hasn’t already changed that, coaches will work diligently with him on it.

Kinda reminds me of my shot when I used to be able to shoot a little. Almost a shotput motion. But I wouldn’t have gotten it off against decent defense either.

Meant to post yesterday. He is cousins with Mike Conley and is good friends with incoming freshman DL Collin Clay. Both pluses for Arkansas.

Arkansas was his sixth offer. I think he’s easily going to be a top 50 prospect with a chance to be a top 25.