Musselman, NSJ and Walsh update practice/preview Red-White game


What’d they say?

Why are you doing this again

Because I do not use the videos and if there’s anything newsworthy in them I expect you to report it on this board before I read it elsewhere. Recall, I pay for that service and don’t enjoy your expecting me to watch videos. I may be alone in this viewpoint but if I pay , I want news. Clear enough?

It takes a little bit of time, my man, to write a story, and less time to upload the video and post it here in case anyone wants to listen. I don’t expect you to do anything. But if you want to know what was said before something is written and posted here, the option is right there.


Entitlement never wins. You pay for information not to get to dictate how and when you get it.

Besides, the video gives you 100% of the exact content. Why would you rather have someone’s interpretation of that? You’ve got the actual source. SMH


I totally understand not wanting to watch the videos, by the way. There are definitely times when I don’t feel like sifting through everything said to see if there’s anything of note there. We’ve just found, especially with Eric, that a lot of people like watching his availabilities. And sometimes watching or listening to someone say something can hit you in a different way than it would just reading the quote.


Didn’t know I was dictating. I wouldn’t like to find out that there were newsworthy revelations provided in the videos that weren’t reported on this board in a timely fashion, period. I don’t debate the value of videos, either; I just watch too few of them. It blows my mind that some on here relish videos and advise us to run them ahead to , say, the 28-minute mark to see something. Wow! That’s incredible and enjoyable for them. Good for them and thanks for that help, but still I choose to read same on the board.

You do a very good job, Scottie. Appreciate you.

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He said we got to become a much much better shooting team in other words they’re shooting the ball pretty badly.

Probably going to be at work in progress for a long time with this group so we’re going to have to be patient.

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Thanks Youda! I guess we saw this scoring problem in the Spain games Anything mentioned about defense?

If memory serves, I don’t think Arkansas really struggled scoring the ball overseas, but it didn’t shoot the ball well from deep. The Razorbacks essentially did whatever they wanted inside the arc. Nick Smith told me, when I asked about what the team does well at this point, that Arkansas has grown as a defensive group. I think whoever comes out on top of the battle among the four bigs will have an impact on the potential of the team on that end.


Yes Sit!!
Good job…


I think this team can be an absolutely incredible defensive team with their length. This can lead to offense and be a spark for this team all year long.

I think we are capable of shooting the ball from three. I actually think Walsh has a very nice stroke, I know Smith can shoot it, Brazile has a very nice stroke. Council I think is okay. I know Pinion can it’s just a matter of him getting playing time.

It will be fun to see how this team evolves I’m sure there will be a lot of ups and downs but in the end it has tremendous potential.

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Uh oh, not again. This isn’t something that’s fixed easily especially in one year. You’re either a shooter or not! It’s hard to think of any great Razorback shooters that started out struggling and developed into a knock down outside shooter after they arrived here.

It’s definitely not going to be easy that’s for sure.

Scottie, I commend you on your response. I don’t know that I would have been as mature and simply given a clear, reticent reply to such absurd expectation.


Thanks Scottie, I like to watch the video when I have time, I find I understand much more of the context than just reading the quotes. I understand the stories much better when I’ve watched the video first because I have the context and also the tone in which things were said.

Of course it takes you a while to get the story written, please don’t wait until the story is written to post the videos just because tuschawg gets impatient.



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