Musselman: No magic formula for Hogs' struggles

Asked Eric Musselman tonight for the single biggest hurdle Arkansas has to get over to reverse course after a bad loss to Hofstra. He quickly rattled off 6 things.

“It’s a complicated answer, because I could go on and on.” Here is more from North Little Rock:

It’s not that complicated. He is mismanaging a roster that he built. He has players, further down the bench than he wants to play, that could help the team right now. Why he doesn’t play them…only he knows.

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I’m blaming it on Jimmy Sexton. Jimmy has released a poisonous cloud over Fayetteville and it’s raining losses.

Hogs haven’t won a basketball game since Pitt hired him as his agent.


I’ll say this–if Muss complains that his guys cannot play a full 40 minutes, then quit running them up Cleveland Hill!

I think the biggest thing this team is going to have to do is learn how to play not good defense but great defense because that is the only way I can see this team being able to play at a high level.
The transition game I think is crucial for this team because we can use our athletic ability to get out and run. I did not see this team being a good half court team, just don’t look to have a good flow to it… think everything must be set up by playing Great defense, we have to be able to make it incredibly hard for other teams to score.

I am sorry we did not get a chance to see this game on tv. Listening to Chuck is enjoyable, but it is still hard to tell exactly what was going on. Matt is always pitching positive so he is not a reliable narrator, which does help to clear the picture.
It sounds like Lykes was taken advantage of, but having not seen it how can we as fans tell?
This team as a group seems to be bumble hands. You see it a lot and you heard it a lot yesterday. They would get the rebound and lose it. They would start a fast break and lose it.
Other issues seem to be trouble guarding in bounds plays, trying to be too cute with their passing and missing shot after shot from ten feet in. And then last night they added rebounding to their issues.
All of these issues involve not valuing the ball.
Someone also mentioned that since we cannot see practice it is hard to tell why KK and CV are being handled so strangely. KK experienced what Conner has dealt with for two years. The way we were being out rebounded I am surprised Conner was not tried to see if he could help.
Muss can be intimidating and I get why it is hard to address KK and Conner with him by the media. But unless that happens we are not going to know what is up with those two. And since we couldn’t see this debacle of a loss we can’t decide for ourselves.

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