Musselman looks like the perfect fit

Great resume plus he already knows how to lose to Florida, so he can keep up the tradition :smiley:

But he knows how to beat Texas as he did in last year’s NCAA Tournament

Beating Texass is an even better tradition . I have a long-standing beef with Bevo and it makes sense that a muscle man can steer him right out of the rodeo they call March Madness.

Hang tough Dudley it’s been a good day in Razorback basketball in my opinion! WPS

Hang tough about what? About someone making a joke? Musselman looks like a great hire. Seriously.

Could be the way he spelled Texas :grinning:

Was typing on phone at dinner with the wife

I understand where u r coming from . Been there :grinning::grinning:

Yes, it was that whole you have been working all day, can you not put the phone down deal.

But Petra is a wonderful woman and I truly out-kicked my coverage by landing my former high school sweetheart just about 8 years ago.

Yes sir , my sweetheart and me 38 yrs!!