Musselman lands top 10 transfer


Awesome! Really like both of our transfers,think both are impact guys… Wonder how Lykes coming affects KK.

Finally Muss has a player he can look straight in the eye. What a relief to that neck!


Do we have him for 1 year?

Yep. He’s a super senior. I guess if not for COVID he could have gotten this year back anyway because of his ankle injury that limited him to two games, but everybody gets this year back.

What I like about it this is that Lykes was a specific target for Muss, and Muss was able to convince the young man to come to Fayetteville. It seems so simple, and yet it never is. Nice job, Coach.


Lykes was in Gafford’s recruiting class (2017). In ESPN’s rankings that year, Gafford was #47 and Lykes was #48. A top 50 high school recruit at 5’ 7", who has now proven himself in the ACC!. Heck yes I want him.

Added quotes from Chris.

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