Musselman is fearless --------------------

--------------- he puts Jones right back in the game with 4 fouls and he finishes the game foul free and plays killer basketball at crunch time. His 7 guys just wore out Indiana’s deep bench team and were the stronger team at the end of the game. His team is just mentally tough just like him. There is definitely a unique Sheriff in town now and I like it!


I am a big Muss fan. I didnt want to see CMA go, but I’m happy with the results.

Love the dedication to defense


Muss is smart. He knows we aren’t going to beat Indiana on the road without Joe and Jones getting their points and playing down the stretch. He had to gamble and play Jones. As it turned out, the gamble paid off…Jones hit some huge 3’s and didn’t foul out.

We have a short bench, but a deep coaching staff. I can’t wait until we get our roster where it needs to be. Look out

I feel like we finally have a chance to be relevant in basketball again. If and when we get more talent on the floor, it seems like Muss will get the most out of them. The attention to detail and defense is a joy to watch. This team will take some lumps but it won’t be from a lack of effort.

Spot on!!!

And more players on the way.

I agree on all accounts. This is one of the few times that a coaching move turned out to be the best thing for both parties involved. Mike is also doing great (11-2) at St Johns and their fans now love Mike. The Hogs are doing great with CEM and we fans love our new coach. A good change for both schools. If we have to meet in the NCAA tourney, I hope it’s at least in the sweet sixteen.


Agree on all accounts and I was just trying to imagine what this team would look like if it still had Gafford. WHOAA!!!

You say that, but I don’t know if we will get better shooters than Joe and Jones. These two are special. I hope we can find as good a shooters as these two. Defense is good but clutch shooting in the second half is what is winning these games.

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I love Mike Anderson…hope he does really well at St. Johns.

With that said, I’m more than happy with Musselman. He was a great hire!

I don’t remember saying anyone in particular in my comment. I do believe that the talent level can improve at several positions. A center would be a nice addition to the team. A scoring 3 or 4 with some size could also help. If you believe defense is not attributing to the wins you are just wrong.

Yes, talent level can improve in multiples at the 4 and 5. I just don’t think guard play will be better than what it is on this team, because guard play is flat out outstanding. Watching other teams, you can spot great guard or two on each team, but nothing like our trio of Whitt, Joe and Jones and then add Desi to it, That was my point.

No team wins a game without defense. Majority of the time anyway. So, that is a given. But remember even with playing good defense, we have fallen behind in the last two games and also at GT and it was shooting of Jones and by Joe that quickly erased the lead and put us over.

In the Indiana game, it was clutch shooting, good defense especially on Trace Jackson and horrendous free throw shooting by Indiana that got us the win.

We fell behind because we had a stretch where until Joe got hot, we couldn’t throw it in the ocean but our defense kept us in it. We have really good guards but our team defense kept us from getting pounded inside. That defense is being taught because it wasn’t here before. We will have games where we don’t shoot great but defense travels. I may just appreciate it more than most. I am old school.

Nothing wrong with that. There are many ways to win games.

But thanks for making that clear. That explains how you view new school basketball when it comes to defense and other basketball stuff.

I appreciate both old and new school basketball and coaches who coach it, but prefer to watch new school. Fortunately I view Muss more new school coach than old school and am enjoying his coaching.

I just wonder if CEM will use more than a 7or 8 player rotation with more talent.

The 4 and 5 spot as we call them have changed in position less ball these days. Especially on offense. Where they come into play is on defense rebounding and defending the rim. This years hogs would be a total different team with Big Dan!

Shooting can be off at times but defense is a constant with this team and the 4 guard lineup is hard for opponents to defend.

We will have a better idea about our hogs after the matchup up with TCU. They will have played a few conference games at home and on the road. I want to see how we handle Kentucky at the Bud!

2 Words.
Never Yield,

I think Muss is a combination of old school as far as defense and fundamentals and new school with the offensive freedom he gives his players. I was not thrilled watching Mason holding the ball at the end of the last few shot clocks but very thrilled with the results. I don’t want to have to depend on those type of possessions to win games very often but he is a confident young man.