Musselman interview in Fort Smith

Ran down to the River Valley this evening to meet up with Eric Musselman. Here is that interview:


Dudley asked Musselman if Arkansas’ roster was set for 2019-20 or if there might be more additions/subtractions. His response:

“The roster is probably set, but having said that, some of it is in your control and some of it’s not in your control. We feel like school is starting here in a few weeks and, like I said, we’ve had really good player development stuff in the offseason and I’m looking forward to the guys coming back to school. A lot of them actually - I’ve been shocked - I’ve never been part of a program where so many guys stayed, and we have a pretty decent break. We’ve got 5-6 guys still here working on their game.”

Asked specifically about the frontcourt and rebounding - mentioned Cylla, then Bailey and lastly Chaney. No mention of Henderson or Gabe.

Hasn’t mentioned Henderson since he has been here.

I have always thought there will be more subtractions. Looking forward to seeing how it all shakes out.

There are 15 players listed on the “official” roster. Is the limit 13 for scholarships? If so, who isn’t on scholarship of the 15?

Emeka Obukwelu (a 6’8 walk-on that might actually play some)
Ty Stevens (6’2 walk-on who was on the team last year and only plays in blowouts)

Yes, he has. I know he has to me.

I don’t doubt you are telling the truth. But I have read, listened to every podcast, etc., that I know about and if he has, I haven’t heard it.

Look forward to his next interview and if roster is still not set and if he is filling the spot with a this year guy or not.

I know Dudley and RD don’t like rumors, but there has been a rumor for awhile now that we would have five scholarships next year. That’s why the Stetson transfer shocked me. That took us down to three.

For those wondering who is #5, apparently there is a LOT of NBA interest in Joe