Musselman hires Moser to complete coaching staff … man-hires/

Wow what a hire when you look at his background in NBA scouting and analytics.

Future is very bright.

This guy has quite a resume. He sure has been on the move. I hope he can land some big time players.

Wow. Helluva resume. Head Coach, Jilin Northeastern Tigers of the CBA er, Chinese Basketball Association :sunglasses:
Administrative positions also.

I think Coach Crutch, Muss and Williams are the main recruiters. This guys job will be focused on player development, scouting and game planning.

I think all we be involved with what I mentioned, but this guys background is more towards the behind the scenes work. With that said his areas of expertise should play well with recruits.

That is an unusually long resume. Such a long resume is not good in the business world, but may be a big plus in the sports world.

Resume looks great as long as he wasn’t forced to leave some of the jobs.

It seems CEM knows these kids all plan on being in the NBA or getting paid somewhere to play the game they love. It’s a good strategy.

Now, start winning games.


I was kinda hoping for Porter Moser, but I guess this was at least a decent 2nd choice Moser.

This is an unbelievable staff!! Crazy good on paper. Can’t wait for the results. I’m not nearly as skeptical as some on this board.

This staff has a crazy combo of experience.

Crazy good.

Arguably among best staffs in history of program at time of being at UA.


Other than the obvious, like his extensive NBA experience, what jumped out at me was his experience evaluating opponents, being a scout, and what is probably the most honest set of comments from an incoming coach that I’ve seen published about how he works. To tell people how he often disagrees, but understands that once the decision is made, that’s it. While obvious, there are a LOT of assistants who are not going to admit that they argue & debate with their boss, whether they do or not. Then, to admit that he is behind the curve with college basketball and recruiting, but he’s on it already. That takes a great deal of confidence to say all those things. Not sure whether that was from a single interview, a statement or a compilation of other things but I like him already.

is that they have short first names that start with the letter C.

If we had known that was a requirement, it would have saved us on this board a lot of time discussing whether Scotty or porter Moser would be on staff. Although Corliss is a little too long, we could have debated the definition of a “short name” for a few weeks, LOL.

JK, of course


What is interesting and surprising is that none of the three main assistants is a holdover from Nevada. I don’t know if that says something about his Nevada assistants or it says that Muss feels that he needs to up has game as he moves from Mountain West conference to the SEC. What do you think Richard?

I think it means just that. Muss knows he needs the best assistants here in the SEC even if it’s getting one he butts heads with occasionally but is still loyal to the head coach.
Or could be none of the Nevada assistants wanted to come this direction, which I doubt is the case.

I wonder if this was about money. He had the best assistants he could afford at Nevada but with a larger budget could bring in the coaches he wanted. My only concern is how long does it take to understand how to recruit high school kids including understanding all the rules they must follow. That is a lot different that evaluating talent at the pro level and recruiting top talent (i.e. Ky., Duke) seems to be the most important thing. That said look at what Memphis has done in a short time and if it’s about getting to the pro’s these coaches seem to have the pedigree to get a kid there

I think there is a huge mis-perception that a coach with NBA experience knows more about how to get a player to NBA. I think it is more about what coach and what system develops and showpieces skills that NBA wants.