Musselman has reached out to


Before anyone asks, he’s not a grad transfer. Sit one, play three.

If we’re not able to get a really good 2019 kid, I’d be fine giving this kid a scholly and red-shirting him. Excellent shooter, and the timing would be right since Joe would be a Jr and Jones a Senior in his first year of eligibility. He can play a role off the bench as a red-shirt soph and be prepared to start (or get big minutes) his Jr and Sr years. As we know, excellent shooters are hard to come by.

I agree. Like you said wouldn’t help for this year but if you know you have Notae, Vanover (likely I’d say) and some other highly thought of transfer ready to help in 20-21 that will be niceeeee.

Also keep in mind that Joe is projected as a first round pick in some early 2020 NBA draft projections. I think Muss has lot better options for SG than Horton. I don’t expect anything to happen here. I think if Muss uses the 13th schollie, it is for a Big or a can’t miss guy like Kyrie Walker.

Horton is nice but if Appleby is avaliable it would be uh big time.