Musselman gains commitment of Cincinnati transfer

Another one. Wow! This feels like Muss knows Walsh is heading to the draft. But what do I know.
Welcome Jeremiah!

It’s the Devo replacement. When you enter your name in the draft, your scholarship is back open. Should Devo come back, they’ll work out the numbers then. Now, I figure Walsh is gone, but that’s just my uneducated guess.

I’m a little surprised at this one, especially that he committed without visiting. Don’t know enough about his game to comment, but that’s why Muss makes the big bucks.

Big Time shooter!! I have a feeling this is why Watkins wasn’t a package deal… I had a feeling Muss was going to go out and get him some snipers and he most certainly has …I could tell he was incredibly frustrated with his head in his hands on the sideline. That is not happening anymore.

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Dude can fire from the left wing for sure

The thing I like about him as well as he shows he has great vision and can make the great pass… All 4 transfer portals he’s brought in can all shoot free throws which as we all know cost us a few games this past year. He he is 83% from the line I’ll take that any day battle at 89% is unconscious and the other two are in the high 70s

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My guess is Davenport is the second coming of Vance Jackson in SEC play, but Muss wanted another shooter … and coach gets paid a lot of money to choose who gets each 1 of 13 precious scholarships.

Doubt JD makes the top 8 … nevertheless, welcome to Arkansas.


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Davenport started 15 of Cincy’s 36 games and averaged 25 minutes a game – more than their starting 6-11 big did. Didn’t start any of their five postseason games but played at least 19 minutes in all five. Is he coming here for instant offense off the bench? Maybe.

I think Davenport will be better than Jackson… he has been coached very hard by Huggy and will know what’s expected to play at the big time level…

Jackson was just lazy I don’t foresee Davenport being that way but only time will tell. For now it’s a great problem to have a kid who has put up solid numbers join the team


Are you taking about Bob Huggins?
He hasn’t been at Cincy since 2005

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Huggy left Cincy a long time ago for West Virginia. Wes Miller was the Cincy coach last year. Mick Cronin signed him for Cincy then left for UCLA; John Brannen was the coach in between but was forced out a year ago due to allegations against him.

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Dude has great tats


Also remember that TB averaged 6 points and 5 boards at Misery and Muss found the key to unlock his game.

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These guys are better free throw shooters as well

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I keep seeing Cisse’s name pop up, so maybe we’re not done yet.

Lord you can tell my mind is in a fog today. I have no idea what I was thinking!!

Yes we’re definitely not through tinkering with the roster for sure.

“Spot up shooting wing”. This definition at the top of Youda’s video seems to be accurate. 33% is a good 3 point shooting percentage. However, his overall shooting percentage of 35% is very low. Tells me that he doesn’t drive and finish at the rim or shoot any mid range pull up shots. Excellent free throw shooter.

FG%s are all down from the 2 previous years and rebounding numbers are also down. FT% went up considerably. Defense? Looks like maybe a 2" taller Pinion, but not quite as good a shooter.

Bit of a head scratcher?

Difference is that when TB committed, we knew he had tons of potential and there were no doubts he was going to be good.