Musselman continues to be strong on recruiting front

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I would guess that we are in (as in among the finalists) on more top 50 prospects in the 2024 class than any hoops class in Arkansas history, especially when you add Annor Boateng to this group. Amazing what he has done

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As I said, any freshman that Muss signs will be a Top 50 ranked prospect.

Muss has been alerted.


You keep committing the same logical fallacy: Correlation is not causation. Just because Muss goes after players who are in somebody’s top 50 does not mean Muss is consulting the rankings. And at some point he’ll (again) recruit/sign someone who isn’t top 50 (like, say, Pinion, Dunning and Ford) and again blow your theory out of the water.

Ian Jackson’s teammate, Elijah Moore, is a 4-star, and according to RD, Muss is recruiting him very hard.
He is not top 50 right now (247 has him at 72), so, yeah, PJ is just wrong.

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In fact, Muss alerted me. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

We will see if and when he signs.

Actual signings going forward will prove me right or wrong. And once again, Muss target was Top 100 when he signed Ford, Pinion and Dunning. He changed the target to Top 50 for class of 2024 and going forward. Again that is my interpretation of when he said after Fall signing that he is raising the level of recruiting.

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