Musselman coaching tonight

Musselman is on the sideline and will coach tonight. There will be some physical limitations. Here is more:



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Hope he’s on some good painkillers. May help him avoid getting a T at some point tonight.

He looks like he’s in pain and very tired.

He’s a tough ole guy, and loves the sport. Glad he’s our coach.


I’m not really surprised but he will be weak, we’ll just have to watch bumping it

It was kind of weird watching Frank Martin-who used to be an absolute lunatic on the sideline, and Muss, both stay fairly calm during almost the whole game.

I like Frank Martin. I hope he has future success

IIRC Martin lost his hair in 2020 when he got COVID; it triggered a case of alopecia and he shaved what little was left.

Alopecia and hoops seem to be a thing now. Jordan Walsh has it, Rylee Langerman on the women’s team has it, and Martin.

A good friend has a son with alopecia, and he says his son’s doctor told him that the alopecia also made him more vulnerable to COVID somehow, so he was in serious quarantine for a year or more. Not quite sure what the connection is, since I don’t do ENT. I guess Walsh and Langerman were not similarly affected.

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