Musselman and Minnesota?

ESPN+ Article on possible coaching carousel…

Not sure how I was able to read it, I thought I had canceled my temporary subscription

But anyway, there was some speculation that if Minnesota fired Ricard Pitino, their first call would be to CEM, because of his previous connections there. Question was whether Minnesota would have the ability to come up with enough to “lure him away from what he is building at Arkansas”.

He grew up there and his dad coached there. I’m very skeptical unless he just REALLY wants to go back.

The program here is set for future success, and I think HY would pull out all the stops. Would not look great on him to lose CEM to Minnesota. Kentucky/UNC is one thing, Minnesota is another.

That being said, be right back, gonna go make a donation real quick.

I cannot imagine a coach leaving us for a school like Minnesota. We have enough tradition & CM is building the program enough that I’d think he sees the potential to get us back to the national spotlight.

That said, I know sometimes personal matters can compel people to do things that might not seem like the best business deal.

He may be from Minnesota but his wife is not. I bet the Minnesota winters would be a hard sell for her and his daughter!

I remember when Muss took this job, he mentioned that his favorite college teams were Arkansas and UNLV, and he had t-shirts of both. I think this may be his dream job. At least I hope it is.


I don’t think he is going anywhere


I’d heard the Muss to Minny rumbles before. Muss’ dad was the first-year HC when Minny and tOSU had their brawl in 1972; I think Muss was 7 years old then.

HY is going to take care of things from a financial standpoint, I think. If he just wants to go back there, not much we can do about it, but he has to think he has a pretty good situation here. Little Pitino is making $2.2M coaching the Golden Goofs, BTW.

HY may need to dig a little deeper in those pockets than what was first projected. So be it. IMHO we really don’t need to allow this (possible) “Bear Bryant of basketball” get away from us like the first one did.

Shouldn’t be unexpected that others are pleading for CEM’s services. Comes with the territory of having good coaches. The fact that it’s home state calling may add more intrigue and worry in this state.
Look for Hunter to make it right without having to break the bank.

I remember that incident well. For years, whenever I heard the name Musselman, I thought of that ugly night. Who’d a thunk, that 50 years later, I would be thrilled that Musselman’s son was coaching my beloved Razorbacks!

Not worried about Minnesota either. One that would make me a little more nervous is Indiana. They are not likely to make the tournament and they are getting restless.

I live in the Twin Cities. Was talking to some UM fans last night. They brought up Muss and how great a job he has done and how they’d love to have him. I was actually shocked at how much they knew about the Hogs including our amazing freshmen. It felt great for the Hogs to be relevant again and that other fans are interested in our program!


I obviously have no inside knowledge, but I get the feeling that because of Muss’s competitiveness he likes beating the bluebloods and may just like it here.

I hope you’re right - about him staying at Arkansas. But every conference has it’s “blue bloods”…the BIG has Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State.

Well really the true “Blue Bloods” are Duke,UNC, Kansas, UCLA, Kentucky. Maybe Louisville.

Indiana is a former BB

Michigan State is borderline

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The only HC to leave Arkansas for a bigger job was Eddie Sutton and he regretted it.

I don’t think Minnesota moves the needle enough for him to leave. Kansas, Duke, North Carolina? Maybe.

If you’re a high level coach you’re going to be a top 10 coach in pay at Arkansas. You’re the only show in town. Less pressure.

I tend to agree with your list

Agree. He spent many formative years in San Diego. His wife has family in Arkansas. The whole family couldn’t seem happier in Arkansas.

Not to mention that I’d cry if he left. I’m sure he’ll weigh that fact in any future decisions.


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I spent a year in Minnesota, the longest decade of my life.


However, I am sure Indiana wants to return to blue blood status.