Musselman and Lakers?

Sir. I know your a big fan of the NBA. I used to be myself. But when the League started to become more and more player dominated I became a bit disheartened. Yes the players did need and deserve more power and say, but almost complete power? When Mr. James came into the League I was a judge fan.Loved watching his game. But then he slowly transformed into a pampered Prima Donna. He humiliated Cleveland. But it’s not just James. The League sacrificed it’s principles when they cut a deal with the Chinese government. Looking the other way while ignoring their human rights record. All the while trashing the United States past sin of slavery.

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I can’t even name the team that won the title last year. Just know that Bobby Portis was on it.

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Bless your heart.


Is CEM wife happy In Fayetteville? That’s a factor that goes in to decision making more than anyone cares to admit. I hope she loves living in Fayetteville! WPS

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I’ve never been an NBA fan. Only been to one NBA game in my life. However, I’d think the UA could pay as much as any NBA team is willing to pay a coach. Unless my information is really old, the coaches don’t make nearly as much as the players. Still, I know some people are big NBA fans & I know Muss has an NBA background. I know the Lakers are one of the top NBA franchises. When I saw that, it worried me. However, nothing else has been said about it anywhere else since then, so I think there’s nothing to it. Just a troll from Florida.

NBA teams don’t necessarily reveal how much they’re paying their coaches, but from what I’ve been able to find, the median NBA HC salary is in the neighborhood of what UA is paying Muss. Supposedly Gregg Popovich is the highest paid at about $11M, but he’s been there forever and has five rings.

You do realize it’s ok NOT to believe every single word spoken on 24 hour new cycles right? There are something like 40 million people who disagree with your above assessment. Not trying to debate the merits of California other than it’s absurd to sum up any state based on some news clips (or some app you heard about) whose entire purpose is to sensationalize for clicks and eyeballs. Every state has areas of crime, drug use, homelessness and poor schools. Every state also has beautiful areas, safe neighborhoods, fantastic schools and opportunities for jobs and families. No one wants Muss to leave Arkansas, but he’ll find plenty of nice areas, sunshine, beaches, entertainment, food, world class schools and anything else he wants if California is where he wants to be. And it certainly seems he has plenty of affinity for California.


When was the last time you were here? Your post is very funny, the post above mine pretty much nails it

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I could see Muss going back to the NBA after his daughter gets out of high school if the right opportunity came along and he still wanted to show he could win an NBA championship. For the moment he makes good money (about to get better) at a program that now has a legit chance to win a national championship or two in the next five years. He’s getting fairly close to the top of the college basketball coaching world. So I don’t see him leaving this year for any NBA job.

The 2022/23 Lakers would not be the right opportunity, even if he was seriously thinking about going to the NBA.

The next coach is going to be charged with finding a way to make the Lakers relevant again for the next one or two years before they are finally blow up the roster completely. That is going to require a lot of injury luck, the ability to keep the three stars reasonably happy, and somehow finding six more guys who can be in a minimal rotation and not get overwhelmed by even decent opposition. Oh and by the way you can’t afford to sign a proven vet who has something left, and you probably can’t trade any of the big three to create cap room and/or bring in fresh talent.

Or we could call him by his Chi-com name. Chairman Bron.

LA Times Top story…Kershaw pulled w Perfect Game going.
MUSS-------> NADA

MUSS going to leave this recruiting class coming in…maybe, but I don’t think so.

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This fits more than NBA and fans care to think about.

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California is about to pass a 32 hour work week… Muss would love that. Besides, what would Muss have to tweet about: the king was injured falling off his throne and will miss the next six games.

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A 32 hour work week will make California more competitive along with rampant prosecutorial neglect induced shoplifting, homelessness, feces littered streets, emigration, lack of respect for constitutional rights, amongst other ignoramous maladies that I won’t get into.

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littlerock we can’t say that here but that is a Bingo. It’s the truth…

LeBron and the Lakers are a disgrace, and I say that as a lifetime Laker fan. LeBron showed who he was when he made the 2020 championship all about HIM…in the same year Kobe died. LA will NEVER love LeBron like they loved Kobe…NEVER. And I won’t be a Laker fan again until he is gone. Period. The fact that the NBA voted AD to the 75th anniversary team is a joke…dude can’t even play a full season.
Muss has a much better job here. The Lakers ain’t what they used to be.
So glad I sold my LeBron autographed rookie for $6K. I have good plans for that money on my 50th trip around the Sun this summer…not bad for a $400 investment in 2003. The trading card market is crazy right now. I’m actually thinking about selling my PSA 8 Jordan rookie card. I’m not gonna live forever. Might be time to cash out…


I wonder what the MJ card is worth in today’s market.
I haven’t looked at card values in over twenty years.
I have in the neighborhood of 50,000-70,000 cards, but I don’t think there are any remotely worth that MJ rookie card. I did have the 80-81 Topps tri-card with Bird, Erving, and Johnson, but I don’t know where it is exactly. I know it wasn’t NM and it had no PSA grade. Now you are going to send me scrummaging through some old cards. I know I have a Lew Alcindor rookie card. A bunch of those oversized basketball cards.

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The PSA 8 Jordan sells for $8K and up on Ebay…sometimes up to $15K. Funny story about the Jordan card…I traded for it in a car deal about 25 years ago and sent it to PSA myself. Don’t even remember the car I sold, lol.

I have the 81 Topps Magic/Dr. J/Bird tri-card too, graded PSA 8. Not selling that one. Magic and Kobe are my favorite players ever.

Magic, Bird, Dr. J, Kobe, magicians on the court. Dr J seemed almost super-human with the basketball.


never was into trading cards but still have around7500 comics stored in a climate controlled closet in the house…wrapped in plastic bags and stored in i only have 1 grandson…he gets the lot of them with the stipulation that if he wants to sell them…he can only do so a few at a time so he’s not taken advantage of by someone looking to buy the whole collection and cheat him.they date back from 1962 up to about 1988(the new wife made me quit buying them then)

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