Musselman and Lakers?

I hope what I saw is nothing more than a troll spreading crap, but I saw a social media post the LA Lakers and our coach were “in talks” about that job. Please say it ain’t so.

I can think of several examples of highly successful college coaches cashing in on their college success by taking the NBA paycheck. (Although I can’t think of one of those who is still coaching in the NBA….Brad Stevens is an executive, the closest example I recall).

I can think of a few college coaches who went to the NBA, and are now back in college.

But, I can’t think of anyone who started in the NBA, then went to coach at the college level, then went back to the NBA.

My guess is Coach Muss has already scratched his NBA itch…… besides, family life is probably better at the college level.


That would be a tough one for him to turn down

Billy Donovan, once Florida coach, now Chicago Bulls coach (I think).

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I wouldn’t read too much into it. Tha Bra James gets final say on coaches. I don’t see CEM going down on bender knee to kiss the ring, and other places of His Majesty.


You sure?

Pretty sure. I know he has family there. But does he want the high tax rates, crime, poor schools, homeless, and drug problems that come with California life. Oh, I guess the weather is good. As long as the Big One doesn’t hit anytime soon.

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I’ll say this: He was much happier to be in San Fran during the tournament than Buffalo, and not just because Arkansas advanced there.

The Lakers are one of the worst teams in the NBA with an aging James nearing retirement. They may be just as bad next year, if not worse. I don’t see any great coach taking that job.

Your forgetting a few key factors. Sure some areas of San Fran are still beautiful. But have you seen the app that shows tourists the areas to avoid? Where the most drug needles and human waste are found? The most crime ridden areas? And let’s not forget a couple of the most important factors. Tha Brah James and his drama factors. James , like today, will be the REAL coach of the Lakers no matter who they get to coach the team. Does Muss want to be the figure head coach just taking orders on plays and personnel to His Majesty? I think not. No matter how much money they could throw at him.

Short answer, no. I’m led to believe Eric has his ways to avoid all of the things you’re talking about. He’s a man of the people, but he doesn’t move like the common man.

As far as “Tha Brah James,” let’s call people by their actual name. No, I don’t think Eric will go to LA. There are plenty of names actively in the league who are candidates for that job and will have genuine interest in it. And that person, whoever it may be, will coach the team. Not LeBron. Just about everyone would love a chance to coach him. I think it’s kind of wild to think otherwise.


To those stirring the pot on this subject, implying that Muss to the Lakers is a done deal, there are other factors about coaching in the Big Leagues rather than college. First, coaching in the NBA is not as glamorous as it once was. Gone are the days of the great teams coached by the likes of Pat Reilly. They wouldn’t be aloud to use the same methods today. Another is that the League is a player dominated League. The players make the calls on coaches, GM’s, trades, and other personnel decisions. Today’s NBA is where coaching careers go to die. Can you name the coach that lead thief team to the title last year? Neither can I.

I can.

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I do not disagree with this statement

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Whoever gets the job will not call the coaching shots as long as James is the king… he did it at Cleveland and does it now. I don’t think Muss would want to give up any control of his team.

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Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see Musselman wanting to live the NBA life again. He has a pretty great job right now.


I’ll add this: As a Suns fan, I’m a little concerned the Lakers might try to poach Monty Williams. That is a guy whose career has taken off in recent seasons. Great manager of talent and ego, and he is genuinely one of the best people in basketball.

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Scottie is a pretty hardcore NBA fan. I do not want to challenge him on NBA trivia.

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There are many great things about California. I love both Cali and Arkansas, having lived in both and still traveling back in forth regularly. There are things I miss about SoCal when I am in Arkansas and things I miss about Ark when in CA. But Arkansas is ultimately home to me so I still tilt slightly in that direction. California is home for Muss so I know there will always be some allure to going there.

If the Lakers call, you have to listen. I always worry more about the Lakers, UCLA, or even San Diego St (and yes, I know they couldn’t pay him what we could, so I don’t worry about that until several more years down the road when money may not be as big of a factor) being the places I could see Muss leave for eventually.

I do agree that college coaching has probably become a better overall job and more secure than NBA, but there are probably a few things he misses about the pro level, too, although he seems very content at the college level.

It certainly appears Muss is very happy here, and like Scottie, I believe he stays. He has a great thing going. I’m sure he misses parts of California and maybe parts of the NBA life, but probably feels that can wait.

I’m sure he also feels he has a great chance to get to a Final Four and win a championship here, which sends his stock even higher.

And finally, it certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re probably due another performance increase soon to have word out that the Lakers are interested. Not saying that is the only reason for this, but any good agent is happy to see that, real or rumor.

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I would worry more about the rumor of Muss to UCLA than Muss to the Lakers. Muss has been unbelievably successful as a college head coach. Much more so than as an NBA head coach.

If it were me, I’d take the NBA route just because of all the headaches that come with year around recruiting in college (both HS and the Portal). Muss seems to actually enjoy recruiting, so I don’t think that, at this time, would be a factor in any possible move to the NBA.

I hope he and his family stay here for many more years and several National Championships.