Musselman and Hogs add UALR transfer Kamani Johnson

Good call RD and DD. That’s why you guys are the best at this stuff.

Sorry if this has been discussed and I missed it, why did he leave UALR?

I definitely trust Muss but those highlights in the attached video didn’t really get me excited. Looks to play below the rim. Maybe he’s a blue collar guy to add toughness when we lose the senior front court players next year.

He wants to play in a P5 conference and thinks he is good enough to do that,

As I posted in another thread, he is a good athletic forward and I liked what he did at UALR. He is better than those highlights for sure. I didn’t view him as a blue collar guy, more of a guy with good skills that were getting better by the day. His size dictates that he will have to improve consistency of his jumper to be successful in the SEC.

I am a bit surprised Muss offered him, but coach knows best.

Am I reading this right? He will have 1 1/2 seasons of eligibility?

I had overlooked that. I wonder why just one and a half.

Just guessing, but I imagine it’s because he didn’t get enrolled here for the fall semester, 2020. That would mean he’d have the one year (have to sit rule) beginning in the Jan., 2021 semester. If football enacts the one-time eligibility waiver for all transfers, the NCAA might look at his situation and declare him eligible for fall 2021 after that becomes the rule. That would seem only fair.

Add some quotes from Kamani.

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