Musselman 5-star transferring

He is the only transfer we want from Nevada, unless any of the others are immediately eligible.

Yes, he would be an absolutely perfect replacement for Gafford if he could somehow get immediately eligible. Also, their guard, Jazz Johnson, would be an immediately eligible grad transfer.

Right now we have two scholarships, three if Garland hangs it up. Brown and Jazz Johnson might fill those quickly

do you think he would recommend to any of the current players to transfer to open up more positions?

During the Hog rally in Little Rock the other night Muss said we had 3 scholarships to give. That guy is to locked on to misspeak like that. Either he was talking about Garland or someone else is on the way out (which wouldn’t be surprising).

For sure. I think all options are on the table.

The three available scholarships are Gafford, Embery-Simpson and Jonathan Holmes. Holmes will be back as walkon.

Justice would receive Holmes’ scholarship, so I don’t believe he was talking about that one. If he was Justice and his family may be a little upset

You are right. When I counted the numbers on our roster, they had already removed Embery-Simpson. I was not aware of that. I did not know they were so prompt in updating the website.

Jordan Brown the only Nevada player I’d want to see come to Arkansas. Not interested in any of the other four.