Muss: “We didn’t get very good PG play at all”

That is what Muss said in the post game presser.

Well, that is because once again for another year, Hogs find themselves without a true PG. When rubber hits the road against better than good teams, a combo guard playing the point is not going to cut it.

When Muss signed KK, I figured finally we get that true PG play. I didn’t think KK would be a Cam Thomas or Sharife Cooper, but figured he would come somewhat close. His play at the point at Oak Hill is what shot him up the rankings and made him #2 in our class behind Moody, But unfortunately for whatever reason (and I am sure Muss has his very good reasons), he didn’t get the minutes in the non-conference games to develop. And now KK is lost for the season completely and it becomes a moot point.

Muss said now that KK is gone, Notae will get the work in practice at backup PG. That was news to me, since it didn’t look like KK was the backup PG. He hardly played.

So, as long as Tate and Notae are running the point, and not having a scorer like Mason on the team, this team may struggle in some games by shooting poor percentages. Moses is coming along, but he is just cannot score like Mason yet (give Moses a year, it took Mason a year) and put 30 on the board and bail us out.

Muss said it was bad shot selection in Missouri and LSU games, but it may have to do with lack of very good PG play.

Poor shot selection and poor PG play often go hand in hand.

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I didn’t watch the game. Maybe someone could enlighten me on missed wide open looks. When those go in there is usually not a discussion about shot selection.


The PG directs the offense. During our bad runs of play this season, the Hogs tend to play individually rather as a team. Notae does his James Harden routine and the whole team oriented offense just falls apart. We get hammered. I think that is what CEM was most upset about. Lack of team play and lack of accepting coaching.


When the whole team goes on an outside shooting slump it’s the point guards job to say hey we got to find other ways to score and then get people in position to attack the rim, pass it down low, drive and dish, move the damn ball around just to wear out the defense, get to the free throw line, be a floor general. That’s the coaches job too fwiw. We do need a point guard. Like I said before it seems like this team is just a bunch of shooting guards so when our three ball goes cold we are in big trouble.

Pooch, basically they weren’t dropping for some players yet those players were still firing away. That was what Muss was referencing. He wants them to have freedom, but at some point they have to figure out a different more efficient way to score. For that he said their shot selections was poor. He refereced 1-8 and 1-11 for two players was not good. That was Jackson and Davis respectively. He said some players they are defenders and rebounders wanted to be scorers. He was referencing Davis in my opinion. Said Jaylin played within himself and did what he was supposed to do. Said Moses and Jaylin played the best. Noted Moses had 5 offensive boards. By the way Jackson had 4, but it wasn’t mentioned. All in all, I think this thread and the other has nailed the issue. Lack of PG play, lack of leadership. When that happens everyone just try to get theirs and shot selection usually sucks, then you get down and push the issue even more and it snowballs. we had 8 assist. 8. Davis and Moody lead the team with 2 a piece. Notae had 22 points but had 1 assist and subpar defense. Our PG needs to pass first, defend second, and shoot last. Whitt did that last year. I’m ok with Notae being in the game, but theres a reason he was KK’s backup - he has a score first mentality and his defense needs some attention. Fix the PG play and leadership and we can turn it around.


Yea, what really stinks is that KK would probably be getting some valuable minutes right now if he was healthy because our two current options need to take a seat and watch and learn.

CEM has a group of players who were not tested by our non-conference schedule. The team was able to win without roles really being defined or weakness being exposed.

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I thought both teams played like AAU basketball teams. Everyone wants to score and they know they better shoot when they have a chance because the ball won’t come back if passed. The difference is LSU made their shots. I didn’t see very much distribution of the ball on their end either.

Is it true that CEM announced his defense on the pregame show? Nothing worked because once again we can’t control the guy with the ball.

Every game is going to be a shooting contest. Shoot poorly and unless the other team also shoots poorly you lose.

I agree, which is why I said yesterday before the game that I didn’t mind losing to LSU if it meant we went further in the dance. My reasoning was we need to play against the best situations to learn. I don’t want a light SEC schedule like our non-conference schedule and then we get blown out in the first game of the dance. I’m glad we got our butts kicked last night. Now maybe they’ll listen to the coach.

Moark, they didn’t have to pass (10 assists to our 9) because they had wide open layups. I wouldn’t have passed the ball either in those situations.

It’s been preached since Muss got here, don’t play defense you don’t play. I guess you can’t sit most of the team.
Last year they played defense, even in losses they fought and hustled to the very end.
This team don’t have that same mentality. Maybe a reason Muss generally likes to play mostly only 7-8 men consistently. He hasn’t found those 7-8 or at least the remaining 2-3 needed to fit his style.

I’d start any bench player that hasn’t seen significant minutes over any player that didn’t do his part against LSU. That would get the point across.

I have coached for 52 years. Team work and defense are not part of the vocabulary of many of these players… Many youth players and their parent have an establish vision of their son or daughters greatness by the the time athlete is in middle school. Very difficult to become a role player when you have always been the “the one”. Your response to failure will define how great you become.

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Covid wiped out the good chances to fix some of these issues in non conference. PJ, I saw KK struggle and foul quickly in non conference.


Jalen Tate had been running the point pretty well up until last nite’s game. He had his first really bad game as a Hog last nite. It was just a bad nite for everybody in an Arkansas uniform.

Second. He wasn’t good against Mizzou either.

No reason Tate shouldn’t get 4-5 rebounds a game if he wants.

Yes. That is why I said that Muss probably has good reasons why KK didn’t get the minutes. Not questioning Muss at all. In fact agreeing. But the end result is that the only true PG on the roster is not ready. So, we have to do the best we can with Tate.

Not having a true PG stopped Mike from reaching greater heights IMO. I sincerely hope Muss doesn’t suffer from the same.

Last year, Whitt didn’t grow up as a PG, but he did have one year of that at SMU. Did Tate play any point at Northern Kentucky?

I think the whole point guard thing is way overblown and somewhat an old school way of looking at basketball. Doesn’t mean a good point guard doesn’t help, particularly one that can get to the rim vs distributing the basketball.

Thought dribble drive physicality by LSU and the inability to defend it broke open the whole game from so many angles.

Passing on wide open shots and not making the ones we took both inside and out was a bigger effect than a point guard if you ask me. Make an average number for us and that game is a lot closer.

Muss should know what the average sports fan doesn’t, which is you don’t go away from statistically good shooters that are open because they’ve missed some shots. Instead you have them shoot more, but people believe in the hot hand cold hand theory which has been proven over and over to not exist. Having said that, if statistically guys start proving they aren’t good shooters, they shouldn’t take nearly as many shots.

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Oh right Mizzou. Still, he’s been a solid PG for most of the season thus far.