Muss w continued outreach to past Hog greats...

That picture is a lot more telling than you realize

I assume you mean because it looks like everyone is there?



That picture is a lot more telling than you realize

[/quote]. In the picture, which one is Hill and which one is Cheney?


Hill is the one squatting next to Muss, Desi is behind him, and Chaney is behind Desi

I assume you are talking about Justice Hill wearing 3.

That’s Khalil Garland’s number on the roster

Yes. That’s one

The other is Scotty is in the pic.


Thanks much :grinning:

Nice picture. He did forget to metion Boothead.

Muss is pushing all the right buttons. I remember Pelphrey did a lot of this too. Got to give Pel credit for that.

Hill is muscular. He looks like a running back.

I noticed the same thing about him and Ibby Ali.

I can see why Ali was worth a shot just by that pic (along with a 7’4 wingspan).

Ibby has always been the best looking one in the line for the National Anthem.

There are 3 players in that photo that don’t look happy…hopefully it’s just my imagination.

Well, if we want to read into the smiles, the four that look the happiest are the three walk-ons and the kid who hasn’t played a minute (and probably won’t) due to a health issue.

Really? Are you really trying to read into this picture?

Why, I completely get what you’re saying, I find it interesting that the four (not three) not smiling are the same ones most of the rumors have been about.

I know that looking hard in a photo is the thing to do now, but still.

You will rarely find Justice Hill smiling in any pics (his Dad jokes about it). Chaney is a another notorious “non-smiler”.

Means almost nothing.

Oh, I don’t disagree with what either you or Razor said, I just said it’s interesting (should of said I found it funny) that the four the rumors are about are the ones not smiling. Now, I didn’t say they weren’t smiling because the rumors were true, but reading into the pic (actually studying it) this is what I see form those four, and if y’all don’t know the rumors I’ll put them on here, so everyone sees them and we can get them squashed early:

  1. Jalen Harris - around his lips look blurry, it looks like he was either trying to smile or he was smiling and tried to “look hard” and the pic snapped before his face finished moving - the rumor on him is he should graduate before the fall semester and he has a kid. He is looking at making money this fall in Europe. Now, the interesting thing about this rumor was back in February, Chris Druckenmiller speculated on here that Jalen had a kid and may want to start making money. It was speculation on his part, some how that speculation has made it to “media” members on other sites. It doesn’t surprise me for speculation on here to become rumors on other sites, I think some of the “media” look at our discussions and write stories basing our discussions as facts (Hall is the master of this).

  2. Justice Hill - His whole face looks blurry, again I think he may have been smiling and tried at the last second to “look hard” (as you said his dad says he never smiles in pics) and the camera snapped while his face was moving. - the rumor on Justice, I mentioned last week in the “open scholarships” thread. Rumor circulating that Justice in not going on scholarship. Dudley has said that’s not true as far as he knows, but he, nor RD, or Scottie have said 100% it’s not true. None have got confirmation, yet. That’s why the rumor is STILL rampant. I’m sure they will get a definite answer here pretty quickly and kill that rumor. (Again other media members are running with this story)

  3. Reggie Chaney - Reggie looks 100% like he is very happy, but is trying to “look hard”, if you look he doesn’t have a very good poker face. He needs to watch Cube for a little bit and get tips on how to perfect it. We’ve all seen the rumors “thinking about transferring” (shot down by his own father, yet certain “media members” claim the Dad was lying) and being “begged to get on the plane” rumor that was discredited on here (the transferring rumor being squashed was by Scottie and Dudley squashed this one), yet again certain “media members” are sayin it is still true. Now, this is what is really funny about this rumor, supposedly it’s Chaney that was holding the team together when Mike left. You know if that turns out to be true, how many “media members” will look like idiots?

  4. Ibby Ali - I legit can’t tell if he is unhappy or trying to look hard. Great poker face. We’ve all seen the rumors all year on this kid, and still speculation with all the offers out that he will be asked to leave. Nothing official.

Reading smiles or frowns for whether stay or go is a talent beyond me.

But fun to speculate I guess.

Maybe we take a look at the Zapruder film next?