Muss vs. Coach K

This game is going to be a real coaches dual. . . wit matching wit. . . If I was Coach K. I would play Notae just like Texas A&M did. . . Double him every chance I get. . . Might start out with my best defender on him and if he gets beat a few times try switching to a 1-3-1 and trap on the corners. Or just trap him out of a man.

The other thing I would do is to try and get Notae in foul trouble right off the bat. .
The problem with that is you have an even quicker Lykes coming off the bench that will pressure you with the dribble drive so you don’t get a lot of reprieve by getting him into foul trouble.

If I’m Muss, I expect this and work on plays to get the free man open for a pass. Notae needs to be as hard to double as possible, see this coming and get out of it before they get to him.

We’ve shown in the past to be able to hold serve with Lykes or Devo running the point.

I haven’t watched enough of Duke film to figure out how to defend Duke. . . glad Muss has. . . . . I do think Wade gets another game with a lot of playing time because of the two bigs Duke has.

The other thing I would do on Offense would be to run some plays for Toney. . We haven’t done that much this year but he could be the guy to step up against Duke. . he should have lots of offensive confidents against them.

Love watching the big time coaching matchups. . .


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