Muss the Master

During his last PC, coach said as soon as it was over, he was starting to work on next season. Is there now any doubt he meant what he said? I bet the rest of the SEC coaches are thinking what next. The guy is just amazing. Some have said to back up the truck. Better go get another truck. This is just unreal.

My wife who tells me she does not care is already talking about going to HI in Nov. and she is talking about to watch basketball, and not the stuff you normally thank about in HI. I told her it will probably take some time to put the team together. She does not care. When do we leave?

Find this all so hard to believe.


It always is a better trip if your team has a good chance to win the championship.

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You’re right, it’s unbelievable. My wife just told me she wants to go to the ‘Suits and Sneakers’ gala in October

And the Twitterverse is in a meltdown accusing Muss of cheating. And not just SEC schools

Blank the Twitterverse, world whatever. And for Blank use any word you like. Like shove-it maybe…


Since NIL it’s hard to cheat. What used to be illegal is now legal. I know coaches can’t offer an NIL to get a kid, but I bet he can tell them what players are getting. Or other players are telling them

cheerleaders have NIL deals ?

Muss is great.

Now to add to the topic have we ever had a class close to this one?

I’m thinking of NR classes?

Now with the Brazile young man where do we rank.

Not as high as we will In a few more weeks

I don’t think transfers go into the rankings for recruiting, which at the end of the day, really don’t mean much. However, transfers do factor into the rankings that do count… W’s and L’s when the season starts back up. WPS.


Muss is taking full advantage of all the tools at his disposal. It’s not his fault if his competition is lazy. He will sleep when he’s dead, but I guarantee he isn’t cheating. Sour grapes make a lousy wine (whine).

Muss is just playing the game right now, as it is, better than the old heads, and they are jealous that they didn’t think of it first.


Muss is just flat out working them and out coaching them on the court.


Yes, he does. Truly wonderful what Muss has done for Arkansas.
He is a mega-hit. I love how well he meshes with our other great coaches.


Lots of coach’s, after their season ends, talk about taking a break or going on vacation.
Muss said, soon as his press conference was over, he was going to start working on next year and I believed every word of it.

I think Muss is like “ya’ll go ahead on vacation, I will be right here getting the remaining 5 stars and the best transfers on the market”.

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Our signing class after the 1995 season (two straight title game appearances) was ranked #1 in the country if I remember correctly. But it was a huge class (10 players, I think) and fell apart for various reasons like some players not qualifying, etc. I don’t remember all the details.

The NCAA had a witch hunt had against the Hogs hurt that class and the program

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