Any intel on the noise out of Austin that Muss is their leading target?

I’m seeing Muss’ name pop up in the ongoing meltdown in Lexington. Which could free up Calipari to go to Austin.

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Now that would worry me more than Texas job. But we’ll see. Hopefully it’s all much ado about nothing.

Nothing to see here. Move on. Frankly it’s getting exhausting, and we’ve got a big game tonight.


Texass ran off Rick Barnes after he failed to get to the Sweet 16 for seven straight years (sounds familiar). But then Barnes only has one SS in six-plus years in the Mustard Empire. Kinda wish they’d kept him and we didn’t have to deal with him in Knoxville.

I think the level of arrogance at Texas is such that their alums would be upset if they merely hired a coach from Arkansas. They think they should be able to poach a bigger name. Beard had been to the NCG at Tech, remember, plus being a UT grad.

Eric Musselman cannot go to UK

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Based on how I read his contract, the wording in Musselman’s no-compete clause might prohibit him from going to Texas and already covers Kentucky. (I rephrased my original response. Contracts can be interpreted differently).

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With Muss fitting the Portal & NIL like a glove, I don’t see him moving. He’s got everything he needs plus the Whole State behind him, which wouldn’t be the case ANYWHERE else. Not worried.


Would muss leave for USC?

I think he has what he wants/needs in Fayetteville. I also do not see him even considering leaving until Mariah graduates high school.


And if you’ve been around Mariah, she is very happy little girl with several friends always dancing and tagging along.


Per Seth Davis, yes

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I think when Muss leaves it will be to go back to the NBA, and I don’t see that happening for a few years. He has as good a path to a national championship here as anywhere in the country, and being paid a lot more money does not seem to be a big motivator for him.

I suppose he could decide to go back to the west coast and coach college ball, but I don’t think it’s very likely.

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Saw that.

Don’t bet on it.

Muss seems like he’s either got his mind somewhere else or taking some serious anxiety medications tonight. I cannot believe he’s let these referees get away with the hack job in the bud and keep our fans totally out of it. And on top of it the cheap shots bama took at our guys and the bs foul trouble keeping our best guy out of the game. Come on muss!! What the heck?? Put some respect on the bud and give our fans a reason to get in the game. Seems like absolutely zero home court advantage tonight. And where is muss?

Seriously? What do you want him to do? Get a T? He’s screaming at the refs just like us….


I don’t even know this settled down composed muss. Lost his Diet Coke sponsorship or what? I don’t even feel like he would take his shirt off with a win tonight. He’s obviously grooming his professional reputation for hireability. I cannot believe we let the refs and Alabama throw cheap shots the whole first half and everything is a foul on us all game but we don’t fight back just wow doing a great job keeping our composure. Just wow, No home court advantage. Never thought I’d say that !


A million times yes

It’s the freaking basketball palace

What a shame