Muss-t Impressive!

I thought “Open Mike” on an SI cover (about Mike Woods getting open for multiple receptions) would never be equaled as a headline, but “No Muss, No Fuss” for basketball was a slam dunk also.

Now the bad part. Loved Musselman’s commentary, but had to skip most of the game to cook dinner, so recorded it for my viewing pleasure later. Or so I thought. Turns out my wife had set the DVR to record something crucial like The Food Network, and the DVR thought that network, or her (can’t argue with that), or both, were higher priorities than the Hogs. So to my surprise and chagrin when I went to check out the rest of his commentary, no Musselman, no Razorbacks, nothing, nor will it be shown at a future date.

Hope I enjoy “Chopped” instead :cry:. But it better be a darn good episode, because Muss was fantastic (at least what I heard :cry:).

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I found the replay on the ESPN app. Go to Watch, Basketball, NCAA Men’s Basketball, then scroll down to On Demand. I then had to scroll over pretty far to find it.

Thank you so much, but my wife just found it on our DVR very obscurely labeled. Happy Holidays!

Because of the ESPN+ I never have to record a game. it is always there waiting for me! The only down side is that it does not become available until about an hour after the game ends.

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