Muss still looking


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A position less player.

Decent stats, but how many guards does this coaching staff want on the roster? We’re loaded with guards for next season. Seems like we have more than enough. No need to add another.

KEITH! Let’s hope we have one last hoorah!

RD, DD…what are your thoughts here? Obviously, it wouldn’t hurt to take a guy with those stats, from a good team, for one year. It doesn’t hurt Muss in the least for 2022 to take one more grad transfer for next year. Personally, I see no reason to leave a roster spot open, but I do get Jeg’s point on not signing one more big. Are there none left?

There’re really aren’t. Obanor was the last realistic option for 20-21 it seems.

As Muss has pointed out before, they contact a lot of portal entrants and then make a decision on whether that entrant would fill a need or not.

He has also mentioned that this is a time when the player assesses whether Arkansas is a situation for him.

So not every show of interest ends up being a love connection.

I don’t see the fit right now, but Muss and his staff do their due diligence.

Doesn’t the player do that regardless of when? Especially with just one year left to play.

Was trying to make the point that when the interest is reported, it doesn’t mean the player is all in.

He learns about what is on the roster.

Trying to provide info for all posters, not just the ones who allow things as close as you.

Would have thought that was a given.

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