Muss still looking for guards

He looks a lot like Derrian Ford. In fact, I thought that’s who was in the picture at first glance.

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That’s a strange list

Arkansas certainly stands out from the rest

Yes, strange indeed.

The header for this thread might more accurately read Muss still looking at guards (I.e. he’ll never stop evaluating talent) instead of looking for guards (I.e. he plans to add another guard to the current roster).

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Hearing from Muss Is different than getting an offer.


Nothing to see here. Moving on…

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He looks at guards like some people look at cars. Always dropping by the lot to check out what’s new. Wondering how they accelerate, how they handle, how tough they are, how many miles they have on them, and these days, how much they cost. Jeremy, you should get into the used guard business.



With those shooting percentages, and assuming FT ability is also high, it might be more than kicking tires.

Arbogast, I believe graduated. Walk-on perhaps?

Arbogast can come back for the 23-24 season if he wants. He’s played four years but gets the COVID year if he wants it.

Why would a player currently on a scholarship come here as a walk-on knowing that 4 to 5 scholarship players will get little to no PT at Arkansas?

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I smell smoke. I suspect Muss is just bored waiting for Holland’s NIL to come together.


I could have looked at the wrong person, but this guy is D2. Big step up to high major. We’ve seen this before.