Muss still gets

No respect by some.

I value the thoughts of the writers for USA Today Sports about like I do that of the rest of the paper.

Exceptionally biased and normally under-informed.


It’s just opinion right? Informed or not it has no bearing on winning a national championship. Would you rather be Gonzaga. #1 all year, all the love and lose to Baylor worse than Arkansas? I don’t need writers to make me feel good about where our program is. Apparently players/recruits don’t either.

I don’t think anyone other than us Arkansans are talking about Gonzaga losing to Baylor worse than Arkansas losing to Baylor. If anyone outside talks about who gave Baylor a scare in tournament, they will probably mention Villanova.

But I can see why we talk about it. It makes us feel good about our team and that is natural. It is an excellent talking point. Kind of like saying we lost to the eventual champions. Also an inside feel good talking point.

Well that’s kinda my point. No one outside of Arkansas understands, so why do we care what they say about us. We know who we are, right?

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